The war between the three


2. meeting 5sos

Ally POV

Harry jester to the door offering me to go in first I didn't know what to say, five seconds of summer what would you say my sisters not really into them who is she. I walked in and of course Louis Zayn, Liam, and Niall are all right there ready to squeezed us in hugs.

" I missed you guys so much" all of them said at the same time.

" we missed you too" sky said on behalf of me.

" heyy I'm Luke"

" I'm Calum"

" I'm Ashton"

" guys they probably know" Micheal said to the rest of the boys.

" well I'm skylar and she's ally" sky said.

Luke pov

Wow meeting Skyler wow I saw her and I literally melted screw rules I'll just do without anybody knowing she's beautiful.

" I'm Luke "

" they know Luke you just said it a couple minutes ago" Michael is a smart ass.

"Shut up Michael"

The girls were laughing, right then I realized that I'm a punk rock bad ass she is defiantly not like me. It's going to be harder then I thought.

After talking for a little bit the girls stood up and said " so where is our room"

" I'll show you" I said.

" no you won't Luke I don't think girls and beds is a good match for you I'll take you" Harry said while getting up.

Harry POV

" really Harry I'm sure we would have been fine he was just showing us our rooms" skylar said to me. I stopped walking and looked at them and take them to their room. ( the shared one).

"Sit down girls we need to talk" I waited till they sat

"listen Luke is just one of those guys who fucks everybody I'm not taking a chance with you guys you guys are beautiful smart funny he's just going to use that I'm not letting that happen" they nodded. I Stood up and left the room to let them unpack.

Skylar pov

"so I have a feeling that you're crushing who is it??" I said to her while unpacking.

" that obvious huh?" She said.

"Just a little now who is it?"

"Ashton he's so cute and funny I don't know I just like him, tell me who you like because I swear I see it in your eyes you're happy!"

I smiled and blushed she knows me so well. "Fine you caught me luke!" I responded.

" LUKE YOU HEARD HARRY!" She screamed at me.

Luke must've heard his name because he creaked open the door and looked at me I closed my eyes and said "you did just hear that did you"

" ohh that I did " he said and winked at me.he came much closer and whispered in my ear and said " I knew it" he backed away and looked at ally " as for you your secrets safe with me" and poof he was gone.

" shit. Shit. Shit " I said repeatly.

I finished in packing and got in to bed.

The next morning I got up earlier than everybody else did and I made some scrambled eggs and bacon I heard someone creeping in the kitchen I assumed it was ally but I guess I was wrong I turned around and I saw Luke. " morning" I said to him.

He came and pinned my up against the cabinets. " mornin sweetheart!" He said.

I blushed when he wasn't looking then said " not your sweetheart now go do me a favor set the table!"

" anything for you princess" and winked at me. I rolled me eyes but really enjoying his company. The rest woke up and ate their breakfast and went back to their rooms.

Luke went back to his room while I was cleaning up and I heard him yell my name. I walked to his room to see him in sweatpants and no shirt, you could say I was drooling a little bit but I say I was drooling a puddle over here. "What" is all I can make out to say.

" can you give mea message I'm feeling really tense" he replied.

" really luke no she can't" I heard from behind me, I turn over and of course Harry was standing there.

"What she likes me so why can't she touch?" Luke said to Harry. I gave luke a 'what the actual fuck' look.

" WHAT!!" Harry yelled just as I thought he was going to handle it.

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