The war between the three


1. just the beginning

"Shut up Harry jeez your so annoying" I said to my brother, "I just think you need to get away for a little bit and come on tour with us,"

He thinks I'm going crazy because my mom and dad died a few years back and thinks I'm having a hard dealing with it, the truth is I am and I think it's a great idea to go on tour with him and his band I love them their awesome, I just don't want to admit it.

"You know what fine I'll go but not because I want to but because I have to" I said caving in.

"yay now I just have to work on getting your sister to come" he responded. I have a twin sister named Ally and it won't be that hard to get her to come she loves 5 SOS ohh ya did I mention that my brothers in one direction and he's going on tour with five seconds of summer , i don't even know who they are but ally sure does.

"I am going to talk to her" Harry yelled back at me.

A few minutes later Ally came running out screaming "I'm meeting and staying with 5sos" I couldn't help but laugh.

Ally and I went to pack, "you know he's going to set down some rules right?" I said to her.

"What do you mean?"

"Like no dating and stuff like that" she defiantly wasn't the brightest crayon in the pack.

"Shit" that's all she said I laughed of course she didn't like rules when was the last time she followed the rule! When we were finished packing, harry made a sit down and of course told us The rules.

"ok here's the rules-" I cut him off " of course we need rules like come on no trusting us!" With smile on my face.

" skylar It's not you that I don't trust it's them.... Who am I kidding I don't trust you here's the rules no kissing no flirting no dating no fucking no hugging that's pretty much it but I'm sure I can come up with more!" He said.

" wow you just ruined the next five months for me!" Ally said giving him a stare.

" Really ally you I think I was going to let them fuck you" no I said in my head but I was planning on it anyways. " understand" he looked angry so instead of saying sarcastic comment I decided just to give in.

" yes" we both said... A twin thing.

* the next day*

" now guys remember the rules" Harry kept reminding us.

" don't worry no fucking" ally said.

" no dating" I said after.

"No kissing"

" no flirting" we took turns saying the rules.

" and no hugging " Harry added.

" right" ally said.

We are near the bus walking towards it right now can't wait to see the boys, course no fun allowed so.

Louis POV

" guys remember the rules girls will be on the bus for over six months" I said to the boys.

"They better not be hot then because I am not following no rules if they are" Luke said.

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