The war between the three


3. dealing with his range

" what the actual fuck luke? Why would you say that?" I yelled at him.

" what I said id keep her secret not yours!"

" who's secret?" Harry screamed.

" nobody's" I said.

" you know what I don't care right now I'm dealing with you to Skyler you cannot like this guy. Stay away from him and Luke don't ever talk to her or touch her ever again!" And he walked out.

"Nice going you little shit!" I yelled and walked to my room.

" SO NO MASSAGE!!?" I heard yell from his room and I take a ball and threw it at he's door.

" what just happened?" Ally asked.

"Harry happened!" I replied. She laughed and I gave her a dirty look and she stopped. I walked into the living room and saw no one so I sat down and luke came and sat down a crossed from me.

" what Luke?"

" nothing I'm just sorry... That I didnt get to kiss you before Harry walked in " he said

" don't you got rules cuz I sure do" I stared at him waiting for response.

"Ya of course I did but who listens to rules and the band and other r going out tonight. You coming?"

" nah I'm fine thanks" I said.

" okay I'll miss you!" He said.

" shut up luke!" I glared at him.

" I know I'm hot be stop staring at me " he laugh. I was so embarrass because that's exactly what I was thinking.

Ally pov

I was sitting with Ashton calum and Harry, I didn't know where the rest were.

So I called for them " guys come here!!" Then all of a sudden everyone came a sat in our little circle and sky sat next to me.

"So what's going on?" She asked.

" we are playing truth or dare, so are you!" She replied and I laugh she didn't really give me a choice.

" I'll go first sky truth or dare?" Ally asked.

" ahh dare"

"Take off your shirt and pants and dance for us!" She said. I saw Luke's face lit up and he mouthed thank you! And I laughed, so got up and took her clothes and danced from us and Harry just gave Luke a 'stop looking at her or I'll kill you' look but Luke's face was pretty funny.

Skylar was about to put back on her clothes when luke said " what are you keep them off" she rolled her eyes while Harry kicked him "ow!"

"Truth or dare luke?" Sky asked.

" dare"

"Umm grind on Ashton!" She said while laughing.

" can I grind on you instead?" He asked.

" no you heard her she said Ashton!" Harry yelled.

" shut up Harry " She said to him.

Luke got up and so did Ashton and he grind on him it was so funny!

Lukes POV

" okay Harry truth or dare?"

" dare" he responded.

" let me make out with your sister just once!" I said to him. Out of the corner of my eyes I see sky blushing I couldn't help but smile.

" Luke can I speak with you for a second?" Harry said.

" sure" we walked out of the room and I turned around and he slapped me.

" what the FUCK dude?" I said.

" stop you'll never get to touch her so stop thinking it jeez I can't believe I was thought none of this would ever happen!" He said.

I walked back in the room and said " not playing anymore going to sleep!"

I saw sky chasing after me and found me in my bedroom.

" what did he say?" She said.

" nothing don't worry about it!"

" Luke tell me NOW!" She yelled. I loved it when she got mad.

" well he slapped me and told I was never going to be able to touch you. " I said finally.

" he's wrong!" She replied and crashed her lips into mine it felt so good to be finally able to kiss her and let me say she's an amazing kisser. She stood and closed the door and locked it and walked back over taking her shirt off. She had the most amazing body! I went to go take off my shirt as she was taking off her pants and she came over and helped me undo my pants and can you guess what happens next.

Ally POV

" heyy sky" she seemed different like happy.

" heyy" she responsed.

" do I need to know something?" I questioned her.

" like?"

" like why your so happy?" I replied.

" let's just say I broke the rules!" She said while laughing.

"WHAT?? Please say you didn't fuck him! Or at least tell me your not pregnant?!" I yelled at her.

"Oh shit!!!!" She yelled with a worried face on.

"YOU DIDNT USE PROTECTION!!!" I screamed. Harry walked right at that moment.

" WHAT?? Who didn't use protection and I swear SKYLAR MAYA STYLES if you say you had sex with LUKE HEMMINGS and broke the rules I will kill you both!!!" Harry didn't seem happy.

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