The Once Great Master

Ivy has as magic and that is the ice that flows in her veins. She was to be a queen but as soon as her parents figured out about her magic she was thrown out of the castle. Still a baby, a young king named Camber gathered her and kept her safe. Camber trained her to be the greatest assassin to ever live but it back fires on him when she fines out the truth about Camber's plans involing her brother. Will she be able to save Alex, her brother? Or will she end up getting killed along the way?


1. The Once Great Master

I’m so stupid.  My sword clatters to the cold stone floor next to me as silver blood pools around me.  My once blue tunic now stained black.  He was just a young boy!  Aiden is shouting a million miles away but I can only focus on one thing.  Only about 100 warlocks left in this world and I just had to kill one, just small child.  “Ivy!”  Aiden stands in front of me, blocking my view of the small body twitching on the floor behind him, “Oh Ivy, please!”  The harsh smell of blood and magic burns my nose.  The distance shouts and cries of men too young to die rocks me to my core but I stay as still as a statue.  The boy is dead because I killed him. 

            “Don’t look,” My best friend raises me to my feet, “don’t you dare look at anything besides me.”  I break his rule pretty fast and my head jerks to a sudden cry, it’s my fault they are all here.  I’m up and darting away before Aiden even has time to reach back to stop me.  “Ivy come-“ he mutters some old curses and takes off of me.  I dodge bodies on the floor, stepping in puddles of blood, all to get to my brother.  Pretty soon Aiden is keeping pace next to me as I rush through the dark halls of the old castle and he doesn’t have to ask where we’re going. 

            Camber, his name leaves a bitter taste in my mouth where it used to hold a special place in my heart.  That was before I found out the truth and his secrets were reveled for the world to see.  The old yet immortal Fairy had been using me and the rest of the people I’ve grown to know and love as bait.  He made it seem like we were forced to do things we didn’t want to like murdering innocent people and when our loved ones saw, they came running.  My brother is the biggest prize to him and the hardest to trick.  For months on end Camber, my beloved master threw me into some of the worst and hardest situations.  He hoped and prayed to the gods that my brother Alex would take notice and come hunt me down and almost 4 years after I’ve been training under Camber, Ale came after me.  In his eyes I suppose it would look bad for the King of Pillet’s sister to be one of the best known assassins of the Kingdom.  When he came to retrieve me, Camber came along and stole him for his power, the fire that coursed through his veins.  Had I known of his plans when I first met him then I never would had become an assassin but it was the money that drew me in when I had nothing left.  It was the fact that I was the best at it that made me continue.

            We round a sharp curve and come to a stop at a huge set of wooden doors, the royal crest craved into the rich red wood.  “Can you open it?”  I cast a look over to Aiden and shake my head, “I don’t know.  It opens with fire I know but with ice?”  I shrug my shoulder, “I guess I could try.”  I take a few paces back and raise my arms, “Take cover behind that pillar right there,” my voice echoes and mixes in with the distance cries of dying men just a few rooms behind us. I brace my feet against the cold stone floor, let out a shaky breath, and close my eyes.  Then I give it all I have, I release a wave of icy magic and open my eyes again in pain.  I look down at myself and notice a few pieces from the demolished door home new spots in my legs and arms.  I dig deep into myself and freeze my pale skin and the wooden splitters fall to the floor at once.  Aiden steps out of the shelter of the gray pillar and his blue eyes widen in surprise.  With every word, a puff of frost comes out of his mouth like smoke, “Ivy, you froze everything.”  He taps the iced over floor with his large warrior sword, “everything!”  He repeats as he walks over to me, not noticing the now dry blood spots I’m now sporting.  I grab his forearm, “We have to go now!  The solders sound closer.”  Aiden and I goes darting pass the doorway into the hallway.  Aiden shouts over without slowing his pace, “Why would the king come from the safety of his castle to here?”  Okay, so maybe people don’t know why they’re here.  I leap over a small pile of robes that lie next to a bled out maid, “He was here to . . . retrieve something of his.” 

At this point with our pace we were now seemingly crawling up the never ending spiral staircase, the setting sun casting long shadows throughout the huge yet hidden castle.  Through the stair’s windows flecks of gold, cherry, plum, and aqua flittered across the walling and onto Aiden’s and my drawn swords.  Mine is a frosty blue, almost white color that comes from the rarest stone in the country, was crafted by my own hands.  A sword to announce my icy magic to the world was a bold but needed move.  At the time I didn’t know that it worked especially well with Camber’s unknown plans.  Camber spoke one night during a great feast that I should quit hiding my great powers, the ice that flows within my blood, and let the world know.  So that night I did as my master said and spent all night in the blacksmith room in the lower part of our castle making the sword I hold in my hands now.  My own magic courses through it as soon my hands reach for it.  The best part of it is the fact that it has stone mixed with it that it’s quite heavy and with magic within it, anyone who isn’t me cannot lift it much less use it.  Aiden’s a dark gray that shines golden in the right lighting, the sword that all great warriors carry, a symbol of their power. 

I shove open the door the same color as the one we came across downstairs and come to a screeching halt.  As unladylike as it is I mutter some cusses under my breath as soon as I sight the already advancing group of soldiers.  Aiden slides up beside me and in such a nonchalantly way points towards the soldiers already half way to us, “You want to take the right side?  I’ll take the left?”  I nod, “Last on to the door buys the other a new ball gown?”  He turns his head, already taking fighting position, “you’re on!  I’ve needed a new one for a while!”  I smile as I rush towards the right side of the group, already ready to strike.  I time my strikes with each foolish man that comes up.

 Not even five minutes later the entire gray stoned floor has taken to a brownish tint with little puddles of blood scattered everywhere.  I don’t feel remorse for what I have done for it’s a scene I’ve seen a thousand times before.  Ever since I was a young girl, the job of an assassin was mine.  Often I was sent away from the castle for little jobs such as murdering nobles and knights, sometimes almost whole armies with only one or two helpers.  Camber was known as a horrible rotten person but I didn’t think so at the time.  Sure, the castle had a horrible smell of copper and sex but that didn’t matter to me.  It didn’t matter that my king, my master, raised and trained murderers or that behind many of the doors women were used as animals.  The only thing that mattered was that I wasn’t alone.  I was fed, clothed, trained, and loved.  I became an assassin instead of a queen but no one ever knew.  When my parents died, the public only knew of my brother, I was long since dead to them.  They had no idea I ever existed because my parents kept me hidden because my magic was too great to show off.  They left me in the streets at only one month old and Camber found me.  You would imagine that the men of the castle would be waiting around every corner for me or that I would be left to do a maid’s job but that wasn’t the case.  I was trained by the best and in turn I became the best.

Aiden slays one final standing solider then bounds up to me, “Guess you won, huh?”  I shake my head in amusement, “I want my dress to be purple, okay?”  My best friend wipes blood and sweat off of his face, “the color of the royal?  You want to make a bold statement don’t you?”  I don’t say anything.  Aiden has no clue as to my history and within minutes he’ll know.  I have no idea as to if he’ll side with me when open the door.  I have no idea if he’ll believe when I say I’m here to get my brother back.  I don’t know if he’ll stop me from killing Camber or not.  All I can do is hope as I reach for the door knob and twist it.

What appears when the door is opened is nothing like I imaged it to be.  This was the great Camber castle; the man bathed in his enemies’ blood and slept in a golden bedroom.  Camber is the man who has enough money to be able to build a huge palace and train so many people yet this room shows none of that.  Smoke wraps its deadly hands around my lungs and gives it a mighty squeeze.  Aiden coughs behind me, “what are we doing Ivy?”  I stumble through the smoke blindly towards the light that signals the next room, the room where Camber is stored away in.  A rotten and foul stench lurks around me and steeps into my clothes and skin causing me to gag.  “We have,”  I cough, “to get,”  I stumble and almost trip over something that I can’t see, “We have to get Camber and kill him.”  Then Aiden says something never thought I’d hear, “Okay then, that room?”  I try to hide my surprise and keep heading towards the door.  I ignore the puddles of blood, the waste of god knows what, the broken glass, and the dead and mutilated bodies that lay scattered about.  At last we reach the door, the final thing between my master, my brother, and I.

“Ah, about time you’ve arrived,” I growl at him, “and you brought Aiden too?  Does he know?”  My eyes flicker over to Aiden, wrong thing to do.  Camber laughs, “I guess he doesn’t.  Aiden, I want you to meet Ivy’s brother.  King of Pillet,”  He steps back and behind him my brother Alex is tied to a chair.  Aiden eyes widen, “King Alex?”  He takes a step closer, “You are siblings?”  I face Aiden, “I found out when I searched my records and Camber had mentioned in the report of my finding how old I was.  I was the same age as what the princess would had been had she been alive but,”  I glance at Alex, I’ve kept up with him over the years through letters but hadn’t seen him in ages and the weight of being king weighed heavily on the young boy, “here I am.  An assassin with ice for a magic.”  Camber begins a slow clap but I point my sword at him.  I tighten my grip on the pommel of my sword, "You knew the moment you found me who I was," Camber gave a slight nod, "of course I did you fool. You with ice in your veins and he's with fire, it only made sense."  He would die, all these years I had looked up to this sliver haired murderer and now I would kill him.  "One last question," Camber smiled, he knew I wasn't dumb and I know he’s reading my mind, "Did you ever care for me? Did you ever think of me as your own?"  He laid his own sword down at my feet, a blue glare coming off of it, "No, never and you know it. You were just another piece in my puzzle." And just like that he was gone.  The immortal master dead at a young girl's feet.

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