The Other Side // Calum Hood fanfiction

When me and Calum met, I immediately fell for his smile. But there was something about him. I love him with all my heart, but someone is trying to hurt him. And me. My life changed from a peaceful world into a dangerous cat and mouse game. Who will win?


1. Prologue

There is no escape.

The words kept repeating themselves over and over again. My head was a mess.

I knew there was still the option to leave it all behind. Forget about it. But I couldn't.

I couldn't just leave him alone in this fight. He would lose it. And I would lose him. And so the love in my life.

He knew I was scared. And I knew he was too. But we couldn't tell anybody. Not until it was safe.


It's funny, I remember me as a kid, playing with dolls and climbing in trees. My biggest fear was to fall out of it. Life wasn't complicated at all.

But fear got a whole new meaning to me. Only, so did love.

Love. Such an easy word, but so much more painful than it seems.

And even though the stories and songs say things like 'love will conquer everything', I wasn't so sure in this case.

But we had to go on.

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