The Other Side // Calum Hood fanfiction

When me and Calum met, I immediately fell for his smile. But there was something about him. I love him with all my heart, but someone is trying to hurt him. And me. My life changed from a peaceful world into a dangerous cat and mouse game. Who will win?


3. Mysterious

I came back from school early, and -of course- my mom wasn't home.

I guessed my sister was going to be home in about ten minutes; she always drove back home with her friend. That gave me some time to spend on my homework, without being interrupted continually.

But after a twenty minutes, she still wasn't home and I decided to call her friend's mom.

'Hi, this is Angelina, what can I help you with?'

Hi, it's Lola. I was wondering if you and Abby are almost here. I was kind of worried, it's late already.'

I heared a sigh from the other side of the line. 'Oh no. She told me she was driving home with that new girl in their class, Mila. Her brother would bring them both to your place. They were going to play there. At least, that's what she said.'

Mila? Wasn't that Calum's sister?

'Uhm, thanks for your help. I'll just wait here.'

'Sorry I can't do more for you. Good luck!'

'Thanks. Bye.' And I hung up. 

I panicked. I didn't have a name, number, adress or anything. All I could do was wait.

But luckily, the bell rang. I ran up to the door, and saw Calum standing there, talking to my sister.

I opened the door. 'Oh my god! Where have you been? It's so late!'

Mila and Abby ran into the house, while Calum was still standing in the doorway.

He coughed. 'I'm sorry. I had to go to the store to buy something. I told them it wasn't a great day to play with eachother, but your sister said she could wait. I am so, so sorry.'

I was confused. 'But.. Why didn't you call me? Abby knows our phone number, you could've asked it at least. I.. I don't have a problem with Mila playing here, it's just.. I was so desperate! Do you know how it is to expect someone to be home at a certain time, but they don't show up? Do you even know how that feels?!'

He sighed. 'Yes, of course I do. My mom...'

'Oh sure you do. I don't even care. You can pick your sister up at five, but I want you to leave now. Sorry.' I was so pissed off.

He turned around and sauntered away. I wanted to slam the door, but he turned around.

'Before I forget, I bought you something at the store. Well, not YOU especially, I didn't know you were Abby's sister, but.. just as an apology. Here.'

He handed me a box of chocolates, and walked away. 

I kept looking at him, while he was leaving, and wondered where he would live, and with who..

'Hey, can we have a drink or what?' Abby yelled, from out of the kitchen.

'Sure, I'm coming!'

I gave them something to drink, and noticed Mila was really silent.

'Hey, Mila, do you want anything to eat?' I asked.

She shrugged her shoulders.

I tried it again. 'You should eat something! Do you want a biscuit, some fruit, candy, a sandwich? Anything?'

'A biscuit is fine.' She almost whispered.

Abby looked in her way. 'But..but.. you didn't even have lunch yet! Aren't you hungry?!'

I looked at Mila. 'Did you not bring lunch to school? I'll make you some sandwiches.'

Mila ate them as if she hadn't eaten in years. She was really skinny, so maybe she just didn't eat that much usually. 

The girls went upstairs, and I worked on my assignment, until it was five o'clock and the bell rang.

'Hey.' Calum said.

'Hi. I'll tell Mila you're here. You can come in if you want to.' And I ran upstairs.

When we came down, Calum was standing in the living room.

'Man! you've got a big ass house!' He walked to his sister. 'Hey little one! Did you have fun?'

She jumped into his arms. 'Yes! Lola made me the best sandwiches ever! Oh and Abby has so many dolls! We played with all of them.. One of them was so pretty! She looked exactly like mom..'

For some reason, Calums smile faded away. 'I think we should leave. Thanks for taking care of Mila.'

'Well, okay. But can I have your adress? My mom keeps a list of adresses of Abby's friends, just in case.'

He frowned. 'Are you sure? I'd rather not..'

'Yes. I'm sure.' I was a little surprised by his reaction. 'Or do you live in a paper box or something?' I joked.

He couldn't laugh about it. 'No, of course not. Here, I'll write it down for you.'

'Oh one thing', I said. 'You should really give Mila some lunch for school. She must have been so hungry!'

He looked at the ground. 'I'll see what I can do..'

And he left, while carrying Mila.

I'll see what I can do? What kind of answer was that?

I looked at the adress he gave me. I didn't know the street, but I assumed it was on the other side of the city. The poor side. Is that why didn't he want to give it? There was something mysterious about him...


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