Quiet. (5sos)

Breathlessly I took his hand and walked behind him, takin in all my surroundings.
"What's your name?" He whispered, curiosity slipping off his lips.
I gulped, still frightened to speak. He nudged me, "it's okay."
"My name is L-lulabee."


6. chopped and flopped

He began cutting layers of my hair off. "Can't have anyone spot you out in public. So we need to change the way you look."

Three other boys walked into the room and Michael said, "Lulabee, these are my partners in crime, literally, Ashton, Luke, and Calum."

Luke smiled; "woah she's hot."

"Please let me go. I have a boyfriend who's gonna find me, I know it. and my son. He can't grow up without a mother. Please." I said beginning to cry.

"You have a son? Your like 16." Michael said, continuing to chop off my hair.

"I'm 19, I got pregnant at 14."

"Wow my friends, we kidnapped a slut." Luke said laughing.

"I was raped at 14 and had Bryson at 15." I said looking over at Ashton.

He smirked, "get dressed." Then Michael put away his knife and they all left... Except Luke.

"Boys said I have to make sure you don't try to run or kill yourself or something." He said.

"Can't you do that from outside?" I asked sighing with fear?

He laughed,"and miss the chance to see you in underwear?"

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