Quiet. (5sos)

Breathlessly I took his hand and walked behind him, takin in all my surroundings.
"What's your name?" He whispered, curiosity slipping off his lips.
I gulped, still frightened to speak. He nudged me, "it's okay."
"My name is L-lulabee."


7. 5th and final

I made Luke turn around while I got dressed, even though I know he was peaking. When I took off my pants I found my phone in the pocket. I thought I left it back at my house?

I smiled and sat it down. I slid into the blue jean shorts Michael had thrown at me and then put on the Blink 182 shirt. He didn't give me any shoes so I put back on my boots from yesterday. Smiling I texted Josh on my phone:

Help me.

I waited for a response and when I didn't get one, I shut down the phone and slid it into my boots.

"Can I turn around know?" Luke asked impatiently.

"I guess." I said happily.

Luke turned around eyed me up and down, "woah." He bit his lip ring.

I stood back against the wall, I was still scared. He walked over to me, getting closer by the second. When we were finally inches apart he reached down and grabbed my phone out of my boot.

Frowning he said, "clever girl."

Then he slapped me, took my hand and lead me downstairs.

"We're not going out." Michael said, smiling. "He's coming here."

"Who?" I asked quietly.

Michael motioned for me and I slowly and carefully tip toed over to him. He wrapped his hand around my shoulder and I shook with fright.

"Our 5th partner in crime. The one you should really be scared of."

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