Love is like a hurricane

Martha is so tired of people hurting her.That she even considered cutting herself.
She then meets the one and only Harry Styles.
Will he hurt her........Or save her from everyone even herself???


2. The Escape

~*Martha's P.O.V*~



"You little slut"

I felt a kick on the side of my stomach.I roll over in pain.My dad grabs me by the hair making me stand up.

"Where were you this afternoon."

He pulls my hair and throws me to the wall.

"I was with my friends"I manage to say

"And who the fuck gave you permission on to go!"

He kicks me again in the stomach a little bit harder

"STOP KICKING ME!!!!!" I yell 

"What did you say you little bitch!"

"I said stop kicking me, dad what happen to you?What happen to the man that would call me princess and told me he loved me?!?"

He looked at me with Evil eyes. He Kicked me once more and left my room.I can't take this anymore I grabbed a bag full of clothes put some sweats and my running shoes and crawled out my window.I started running until I couldn't run anymore.I stopped at a park I didn't know what else to do so I just started walking I was already far away from home and he couldn't find me its already dark.


~*Author's Note*~

Hey guys i hope you guys like this Im going to try to get the next chapter soon k :) So please do me a huge fav and like/comment/Favorite,and follow

Please ok well bye my lovelies :* 

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