Love is like a hurricane

Martha is so tired of people hurting her.That she even considered cutting herself.
She then meets the one and only Harry Styles.
Will he hurt her........Or save her from everyone even herself???


1. Intro.


Hi my name is Martha.

Im 15 and I self harm,I live in Evesham, Worcestershire, United Kingdom,I get bulled in school,and my mom died when I was 6 since then my dad has abused me.Im what you would call a broken girl.Im afraid of leaving and staying in my house.Until I finally got the courage to get out of my house that was until I meet Harry and yes THE HARRY STYLES.He helped me get through some pretty tough things and I couldn't thank him enough.





~*Authors Note*~


Hello my beautiful people I hoped you liked my firs chapter of "Love is like a hurricane".I know it's a little to short but bear with me k.Favorite,like, and comment profa please love y'all!!!!❤️❤️❤️



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