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When bodies start piling up in a small town, Slenderman has no choice but to intervene. Needless to say, his Proxies are less than pleased at the new addition to the family. Time takes it's toll on everyone and it seems that the newbie isn't that bad after all.


2. Where It All Began... Ish

Where It All Began... Ish

I sigh, glad that I had finally finished my grueling Math homework. I snigger quietly, knowing that I couldn't complain as I was the one who set it in the first place. It had taken over and hour and a half, though to me it seemed longer, and had drawn to time out to around 6pm. That meant that anytime now-

"Melody!" As if on cue, my mother called up the stairs. I scowled and shoved my work and notebook into a drawer before padding over my carpet to the door. Pasting an emotionless expression on my face, I open it and stick my head out, looking at her. "Can you make dinner?" It was more of an order than a request. Her voice had lowered in volume now that I was in sight. "Corey and Alex want Mac and cheese. I'll be in my office." She flashes a fake smile at me, me only blinking in return. She either doesn't notice or doesn't care, because the noise of her office door closing reaches my ears. I bite back a growl as I walk down the stairs and into the kitchen, wincing slightly at the cold, stone floor.


~Time Skip: 1 Hour (Wouldn' wanna bore you with dem cookin' skillz :3 )~


I clench my teeth and say nothing, resorting to spearing my macaroni with my fork, as my mother scolded Alex and Corey. Corey had been smearing his dinner all over his hands, while Alex's food had been carpeting the tiled floor for around 10 minutes before she had noticed. I roll my eyes and grab my still full plate, as well as the three others, and shoving it in the sink. My mother takes Corey and Alex by their hands and leads them to the bathroom to clean them up. I glare after her before directing the death stare to the mess her sons had left behind. This time I let the growl escape and I set about performing my role as the maid.


~Time Skip: 2 Hours ('Cus I can be a lazy bugger ;) )~


I collapse onto the soft mattress of my bed, thoroughly exhausted. I sigh and squeeze my emerald eyes shut, blocking out the ache in my head an limbs for a moment of peace. I helps for a second before the pain floods back, making me groan and bury my head in my hands. Shaking it off, I drag myself to my feet while simultaneously pulling my grass-green, long-sleeved top over my head, my long, fiery locks falling back into place around my shoulders. I pull off my black jeans sighing as the skin not covered by my underwear was subjected to cool air. I freeze, however, when I feel a soothing breeze blanket my bare skin. My head snaps around to face the window next to my chest of drawers; The window I never open.

Ignoring the fact that I was half naked, I rush to it, gripping the pale-blue, painted window pane until my knuckles, with help from the cold air and my unease, matched the colour. I lean out slightly, my breath hitching slightly from the shock of the cold. It shouldn't have surprised me, it being Winter and all. I glance around studying the street and allies in my line of sight for anyone who could have possibly opened my window. Spotting nothing out of the ordinary. I frown before leaning back in and shutting the window. I lock it and, with a cursory glance out of the window, return to the inviting warmth of my duvet. Though I remain wary of an humanoid figure lurking in my room, it doesn't take long for me to be dragged into a grey, yet peaceful, dream, nor even realizing that there was no way any normal person could access the window as there was neither a ledge nor a fire escape.



Don't worry, I hate these things too. I just wanted to say that I won't be diving straight into CreepyPasta goodness (Though there will be hints in the first couple of chapters). I'll take the first few chapters to build a base for the story (Le Base-Build :3 ). After that, it will hopefully pick up and begin to mold the characters and introduce them to each other. If you want a P.O.V(s) from anyone other than the main character in the base-build, let me know in the comments. The last thing I want is for this to get stale before its even started. :/

Thanks for reading!


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