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When bodies start piling up in a small town, Slenderman has no choice but to intervene. Needless to say, his Proxies are less than pleased at the new addition to the family. Time takes it's toll on everyone and it seems that the newbie isn't that bad after all.


3. No-one To Blame But Yourself

A/N: Because I'm a lazy bugger, I'm gonna set myself word targets for each chapter. :/ Last chapter was... 633 words (Damn, I suck :P ), so I'm gonna aim for 700 words! :D Wish me luck...

No-one To Blame But Yourself


Ah, ah, ah, I'm lookin' at you from a distance, mirrored in the glint of my knife.

Ah, ah, ah, it could be over in an instant, there within a blink of an eye.

Not one for humoured connections, but I feel restless,

Piercing your flesh is the bestest!

Stabbing every inch of skin with force, while screaming to myself 'There's not enough pores yet!'

Trace the blade to your stomach, push it in and its bliss.

Now brace for pain as I twist it, round and round and flick it out like a discus,

And show nobody's more vicious than Minx is!

So, babe, take this virgin blade so far in your back it'll replace your vertebrae!

Pull out and watch your back snap!

Muahahahahahaha! You're damn right that's the-

I pause my music and throw my MP3 Player onto my bed, noticing how cold it had gotten over the past thirty minutes. My face contorts into a scowl. That little prick had changed the thermostat again. I shove away from my desk and stomp over to my door, After yanking it open, I come face to face to Alex who had his chubby little fingers wrapped around the dial on the thermostat. I growl and him causing his eyes to widen and visibly gulp.

No denying it now you little douche bag.

He yelps and runs as I lunge at him, dodging into the office and surprising 'our' mother.

"Alex, what's going on?" Her sickly sweet voice sounding concerned for the devil spawn. I hear him whimper and visualize him pointing to me out in the hall. I reign in most of my anger as she walks out, lips pursed and brow furrowed. "Melody Jacker," I wince slightly at the use of my full name. I was in for it now... "You have no right to scare Alex! Especially not today of all days!"

I mentally face palm. Today was the anniversary of my step-father's death after a car accident. Not that I was complaining. That man was a monster in disguise and did things I don't care to recall. A small smile dances on my lips as I recall the sight of the charred man. Suddenly, I feel a sting radiating from my cheek drawing me back to the present. I automatically bring my hand up to my burning face and stare emotionless at the woman in front of me who was ablaze with anger. Even Alex seemed scared of her and was backing up the the wall behind him where Corey stood frozen in place. For the first time in forever (Forgive meh D: ), I felt sorry for the little things. I return my stare to the furious woman who I refused to even think of as a mother figure.

"How... DARE YOU!" She roars at me as I refuse to so much as flinch in her presence. How dare I? How dare you! My sub-conscious snaps back. "He was a brilliant man!" She yelled at me. I resist the urge to roll my eyes. She had done this before when I dared to question his 'lordship'. However, I was less than prepared for her next words as she brought the volume of her voice down and filled it with venom. "You deserved everything he gave to you, you little wretch!" I lowered my hand and stiffened. I cast a single apologetic look towards the trembling boys and turn on my heel, storming into my room. I didn't mean to get angry at the little ones, but something inside me just... Snaps.

I grab my forest-green hoodie along with my MP3 Player before stomping down the stairs and out of the door. Ignoring the shrill shrieks sounding from the house, I pull my hoodie over my head to block out the chill of the evening air. The orange beams of the setting sun illuminated my face as I plug in my earphones and switching my music back on.


-last laugh!

I relax slightly and being my short journey to the park. It was right next to a small lake and was perfect for viewing when the sun set.

Ah, ah, ah, I think one of us is hiding something, hiding something.

The rhythmic slapping of my converse against concrete draws me to my thoughts and lets my sub-conscious take over my legs as I had the route to the park engraved in my brain.

One of us is gonna die, one of us is gonna di-ie, di-ie.

Soon I am drawn out of my thoughts as the last of the sun's rays depart, leaving me to continue my journey in total darkness.

Ah, ah, ah, I think somebody's hiding something, hiding something.

I scowl. Just my luck. I pivot when I decide to retrace my steps and head home. After a few steps, I unsurprisingly become lost in my thoughts again, not noticing the dark figure tracing each step I make with their own.

One of us'll be alive, one of us'll be ali-ive, -live.

In a matter of seconds, I find myself sprawled across the concrete pavement of a midnight-black alleyway. I let out a delayed yelp and flip myself over to see my attacker, part of me registering my MP3 Player turning off. A tall figure stood at the entrance of the alley- when I say 'tall' I mean 'tall', at least 6ft 5"- blocking what little light there was. Thanks to my eyes easily adjusting to the dark, I was able to make out the monochrome features of the figure; a spiral, cone nose, sharp eyes, thin, black lips twisted into a smirk that I found strangely alluring and a messy, black mop of hair. I bit back a gasp as I continue to study the lean figure, whose fingertips seemed to pass his waist by around a foot. A single clawed hand retreats into his black trouser pockets and, when it came back into view, brought with it some black and white wrapped objects.

"Would you like some candy?" A smooth voice that had a strange, slight echo delivered the question from his lips. An expression of pure confusion settles on my face. Who the heck would corner me in an alley to then offer me 'some candy'? I stop myself last minute from opening my mouth to answer, remembering that I hadn't used my voice in over two years. The guy, who I now realized was my age of 17, cocked his head and watched me curiously, probably wondering why I wasn't responding. He opened his mouth to say something, but a loud crash and voices from down the street stopped him. His eyes widened and he rushed past me, dropping the black sweets as he disappeared down the other end of the alley. I stared after him for a few seconds before scooping up some of the candy out of pure curiosity and shoving it in my hoodie pocket, before legging it home, past the rowdy crowd of drunk teens that may have just saved my life. I was so shocked, I didn't realize my music had continued playing. Although, the final lines bounced around my head as I shimmied up the side of my house and quietly open my window.

Badum, Badum, that's the sound of the chase...

Badum, Badum, that's the sound that it makes...

Badum, Badum, then a fatal mistake and

Badum Ba- and the Dum never comes...


A/N: If you don't recognize the guy offering candy, then you should just gtfo, because I think I made it pretty damn obvious. XD I'm kidding, of course. Plz don't leave meh. D:

*Cough* Anyway...

Target: 700 words

Achieved: ...1178 words

Awwww Yeahhh! Target destroyed! If you're wondering what the song is, its 'Murder' by TheRPGMinx, BoyInABand and ChilledChaos. I thought it would be a nice surprise for ThatRandomChick who, I hope, is a new friend of mine and coaxed (*cough* blackmailed with Justin Bieber music and mass murder of Nutella *cough*) me to write this. <3 Hope you guys enjoy this chapter. The story is going faster than I expected, but I don't really mind as long as you guys enjoy! Let me know if you want another chapter, 'cus if no-one does it'll probably get posted in a week/two weeks/whenever I can be bothered. XD


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