(Currently in Yellow Rating as I only turn sixteen on the 31st of October; Will probably go to Red due to violent scenes. [You have been warned])
When bodies start piling up in a small town, Slenderman has no choice but to intervene. Needless to say, his Proxies are less than pleased at the new addition to the family. Time takes it's toll on everyone and it seems that the newbie isn't that bad after all.


1. Introduction (Not part of story, but you will need to read)

Just a few things I wanted to point out before starting.

This is a slash story and will contain kissing scenes and sexual reference. Also, being a CreepyPasta story, it will contain violence, blood, guts and oh-so-much gore. Eep! I'm getting giddy just thinking about it. *Coughs* Anyway, you have been warned.

I will try to keep the CreepyPastas' personalities as accurate as possible, but this is a Slash story, so they wont be perfect!

On to better things!!!


The slash will be between my OC and an ***UNDETERMIND*** (*Wink Wink Nudge Nudge*) CreepyPasta.

As the story progresses, I'm gonna need you guys to tell me who you want. (I know some characters are in their 30s, but, for the sake of the story, they will be in their mid teens to mid 20s. Ages are next to names. Also, in the story, CreepyPastas' ages are frozen. NO. They are not immortal! (Thought I'd say before some start 'flogging ye ol' dead 'orse) Their ages are frozen. I repeat: Frozen!!!)


The choice will be between:

Jeff the Killer (17), Eyeless Jack (18), Laughing Jack (17), BEN Drowned (16), Masky (23), Hoodie (22), Ticci Tobi (17), Puppeteer(19), Bloody Painter (19).

If I remember more, I will add them. The story will be written differently depending on the choice.


My OC Character:



Name: Melody Jacker

Age: 17


Red hair, emerald green eyes, tanned skin, slightly taller than your average 17 year old, slim (But has a figure).

Clothes: Always wears (No matter the weather) long-sleeved tops (Usually green or black), skinny jeans (Again green of black), black converse of black canvas shoes. When she goes out she wears her favourite black hoodie.

Personality: Quiet, shy, intelligent, virtuoso, quick, artistic, gentle.

Likes: Her music, being left alone, night, stargazing through her telescope.

Dislikes: Being hassled/beaten up, crowds, bright lights.

Background: Parents gave her up for adoption as they didn't want another child. Melody doesn't even know who her real family are, but she holds a slight feeling of resentment for them. Moved from family to family before finally ending up in a house of three (Including a mother and two little boys around the age of 4 and 5). Melody is an outcast in her school, neither fitting in with the Jocks or the Nerds; Simply existing. She didn't mind at first, but then she was harassed in and out of school. She ended up having a nervous breakdown aged 15 and locked herself in her room for five months. When she came out, she stopped talking completely and going to school, resorting to self-tutoring to avoid people.


CreepyPasta (Info will be updated as the story goes on ;) ):

Name: ???

Age: 17

Appearance: ???

Personality: ???

Weapon: ???

Skills: ???

Likes: ???

Dislikes: ???


I hope you enjoy and, if you don't, well... *Blows Raspberry* you. ;D Kidding! I love you all!


Next Chapter: Where It All Began... Ish

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