2. hurt

We were walking to school I felt light headed and almost fell cal grabbed my arm and caught me and asked if I was okay I said I'm fine he said you need to go to a doctor I said no mom and dad can't afford it right now cal I'm fine luke said my moms a nurse she can look at you she is at ashs school I walked to ash to his school and we went to Liz she told me to sit in the chair I did she told me I just had a little bit of sickness that is spreading around she said I would be fine she told me and ash we were good to go we left I walked home I told my parents I was going to bed they said okay cal came home with luke only he asked if I was feeling any better luke asked what his mom said I said she said it's only a sickness that is spreading cal hugged me and told me to get some rest and he would be below me I said okay cal love you he kissed my forehead and said love you to baby sis

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