A dawnset creak

the gentleness of nature with a sudden twist of ray . Sorry about the spelling


1. a dawn set creak

A gentle sun bleeds out gold rays

Pure river , so clear of pain

The grassy noels where still heads lay

and i shall stare with a mind insane


The thought of the peace fields 

When children played all day

I hunched over with my dripping axe

felt like a viper snapping at their prey


The stories, theories  and mystery around

the wielded pith-fork and flaming torch.

A childish game of my own name

Blasting around for there last amusement.


Then years later the demon has gone.

Well from the cheers and thing they have said

And dear mother figure has searched for so long

but she forgot to check under the bed.


On quick sweep and i get my feast

the beauty and pleasure of this inhuman gore 

then the door open with a voice of "mom"

I place my voice with a switch of light to say

"mom's not here anymore"


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