Look back

Look back


3. truth

Calum's POV

Got back home from school. Claire texted me!! *screams* lol no i did not scream.

" calum? "

" yeah Claire "

" Nad and Luke warned me about you "

I was so worried. No one is supposed to know about this. Its gonna get wild. People are gonna hear the wrong thing.

" Claire come to my place now. I need to explain something "

" about what? "

" geometry and chemistry and maths .. Idk just come to my house right now and your house is near mine so its fine "

" um okay. But dont hurt me "

*sighs* no one has ever ask me to not hurt them. I wont hurt anyone. Im fucking innocent.


Claire arrived at my house. She looks scared as fuck.

" claire chill i wont hurt you, besides i never hurt anymore. The world the cruel. If you are my friend you should believe me like how Luke believes me. " i begged her gently

" um okay. Your my friend right? Okay. Tell me anything "

I told her eveything. She doesnt look scared at all.

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