Look back

Look back


1. school

Claire's POV

Im still at school with my best friend Luke, Adam and Nadine. We are so close to each other and we have each others back. We never ever let each other down.

For easy words we are siblings from another living. If that make sense. But for secrets.. Im a little bit of a secret keeper. Well in my case i mean like i never tell secrets.. Even best friends.. But sometimes i do. I told Nadine this secret of my crush. He is my first and only crush.

Calum. Yas he is my crush. He is a new boy in school. He started schooling here last year so maybe not that new of a kid. 7th grade. And im 6th grade. Hah.


It is recess!! Ahh finally im like so hungry right now.

" Nad could you please follow me to the counter? "

" but Claire its is just there? Why are you so- " i cut her off my making sign languages that Cal is in line.

So there we are. In line at the canteen. Basically im wearing a white nirvana crop top and a pair of black ripped skinny jeans. Calum was also wearing ripped skinny jeans. Yay were connected ( no were not ) .

I got my food as well as Nadine. Before we sat at our table again i kinda stare at Cal while walking. He actually looked at me back. I didnt know what to do so i look away and pretend to start a conversation with Nad. It was pretty awkward. We reached our table where Luke and Adam are but weird thing was Calum was there next to Luke coz i know that Luke was friends with Calum. I was so nervous. I did not know what to do. ASDFGHJKL.

" hey there stalker " Calum smirked at me

" h-hi Calum? " i actually struggled okay

" oh hey Claire have you met Calum ? " as always the friendly boy, Luke.

" um uh n-" Calum cut me of by saying

" yeah we've met a long time ago "

I was confused by what Calum said. I mean like.. I have never met him before.

" uh y-yeah " i replied with a confused face.

So there we were all sitting at the table. Calum sat next to me with his hands around me. It was so weird. I mean like.. Obviously. Well Adam seem to be a little mad.. Or jelous.. Cant really tell. Well Adam told Nad that he has a crush on me about a year ago. I did not really care coz he is kinda cute. But speaking of Calum.. *sigh* he is a prince.


Recess ended and the sad part is the next period im not in the same class with my besties. So as i was walking alone to my locker, Calum stopped for a while and asked for my number.

" hey uh Claire.. Can i have your number? "

" but why? " i was actually really thrilled coz i had a huge crush on him since ahhh ASDFGHJKL!!!!

" i dont know.. Maybe we should hang out sometimes or ... All... The... Times? Maybe? If you want to i mean like you dont have to if you don- "

" yes you can have my number " i replied with a smile. "

Well it seems to be the best kinda awkward day of my life.

" um if u dont mind can i walk you to your class?"

Wth. Someone punch me right now.

" ah sure but what about you? You have classes too. And you dont want to be late " i suck at joking.. At least trying

" oh nevermind about that. Its not important "

As always the known as 'bad boy' in my school. But actually an angel in the inside.. Well that is just as far as i knew him.

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