Look back

Look back


2. bad boy

Nadines POV

Im so happy for Claire to finally kinda made some connection with Calum. Claire has always want to date him. Haha thanks to god.


I heard some people at the back of my class talking about Calum. I overheard that Calum was prisoned for 3 years of his life before being free and started studying here. That actually freaked the shit out of me.

" hey guys im sorry but i overheard all of that.. How did you know all of this? " i said to Layla and Aria

" well we dont know too but people started talking about this about a week ago " said layla

" we dont know if its true yet but people got rumours that Calum has a crush on Claire and people say that maybe Claire is in danger " said Aria

" uh okay thanks guys "

Oh my fucking god. If it is true why would Claire be in such danger? What was Calum's crime? I have got to know all this for Claire's sake.


Calums POV

i really hate that people are starting to talk about this rumour about me. I dont know why today people started to be afraid of me. I did nothing. Yes i was in prison for 3 years but im innocent.

Fuck my fucking life. Better just suicide more than living in lies. But i cant. Im truly inlove with Claire. She is so beautiful with her long brown hair and brown eyes. And that voice when she sings. She is my sweet escape from this cruel world. I wish that she feels the same way tho.


Luke's POV

" Luke!!! Dude i think i have bad news!! "

" what is it Nad? "

" its about Calum and Claire "

" omf what did Calum do this time ! "

Well i knew Calum since i was a little boy. His crime was actually misunderstood. But im just worried about Claire.

" what did Calum do before this? "

" um uh n-nothing " i didnt want to tell the story coz that would just hurt Calum.

"Luke tell me right now Luke!!!! " Nad begs me

I cant tell. It would totally hurt Calum. And he is my best friend too. I cant do this.

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