pokemon spooks of lavendertown


1. pokemon spooks

Giratina moves like a black force. As you here his cry some would not dare look at him in the eye. Spiritomb and Gengar find another soul to take out of all the people in Lavender Town on this Halloween night. A rocket grunt is killed by a wild Marowak.  Shedinja takes his soul and down with Giratina he must go he will be a servant of the devil Pokémon as Hypno scares kids. All the ghost Pokémon come to Lavender Town for just the one night to wreak havoc in this town. As the ghosts move through the town taking the souls of anyone who is out, Red’s ghost came from Mt. Silver to take part in the fun. As Banette searches for a place to hide a freakish cry can be heard. Is it a regular Pokémon or is it another ghost swarm? All the kids and adults make their move to another town so they can enjoy the holiday of Pokémon spooks.

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