Halloween Poem Competition Entry

This is my entry for the Halloween competition!!


1. The Poem...

Oh, you may not think it's scary,

On the night of Halloween,
But vicious wolves prowl the forests
And witches cackle spells,
With yourself you should be honest,
And tell yourself the truth,

This night of Halloween,
Could truly be the end of your existence.
There's something hiding in the shadows, 
Be careful what it is,
There are loads of possibilities
Of monsters it could be.
There might be gouls and ghosts around,
All floating up ahead,

Transparent white, formidable,
With creepy eyes of red    
There may be werewolves prowling round
The depth of the wood

But beware of their eyes of yellow,
Their muzzles, scarlett with blood.
What about the vampires,
The ones with fangs of white,
But they do not stay that colour,
That is until they bite.

And have you thought of zombies,
The ones that walk the streets at night
Just looking for their prey,
Looking 'til they find it.
So there you have it! Some monsters there,
Some Halloween beasts,
There is a chance that you could die,
While eating loads of sweets!

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