Alley Boys

The most feared/popular guys in the whole school go by the nicknames Ace, Fresh, Ghost and blaze. They call themselves "The Alley boys" and hang out in the alleyways at night. Bearing leather jackets and motorcycles the 19 yr olds have been kept back to repeat yr 12. New girl Sarah fetzher has always been the girl to hang out with the popular guys. What will happen when she tries to hang out with the alley boys. Rumours, drama, fights and romance?


3. Ghost

(Start of class)

Ghosts POV

I have to write about myself. Fuck that. Miss J knows I won't be doing this. She'll never dob me in but, I put a knife to her neck last time she threatened me.

My name is ghost. I have that name because I like being invisible. You never know what I'm thinking. I carry a pocket knife around for safety reasons. No would never tell anyone why. I never tell people anything. You might wonder how I'm popular. Well I'm not, I'm intimidating, I hang out with Ace and the crew so it wouldn't matter who I was. I'm not telling you anything about me so thanks.

(When you mark this, remember the feeling of a cold blade across your neck)

With that I handed it in and headed outside.

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