Alley Boys

The most feared/popular guys in the whole school go by the nicknames Ace, Fresh, Ghost and blaze. They call themselves "The Alley boys" and hang out in the alleyways at night. Bearing leather jackets and motorcycles the 19 yr olds have been kept back to repeat yr 12. New girl Sarah fetzher has always been the girl to hang out with the popular guys. What will happen when she tries to hang out with the alley boys. Rumours, drama, fights and romance?


9. Compete for the elite

Ace's POV

Ha initiation? As if. I'm just going to push her so extreme that she won't want to join.

"The first challenge is simple, get on your motorbike and let's see you clear those tables, most kids move at the sight of us so let's see if your of any talent" I pronounce. As if this schoolyards going to clear for a sissy girl.

"So basically clear these tables?" Pfft easy.

Sarah's POV

I know ace doesn't like me, but he'll have to suck it up because I will complete this stupid initiation. I rev up my motorbike and enter the school yard there's 6 tables in this particular area that I'm challenged to clear. (Besides ours at the back). I do a U-turn and speed towards the first row of 3 tables. Up onto them jumping the gaps and sending them running as their food is squashed beneath the tires. They stand back and watch in amazement. Doing a neat wheelie hop I switch onto the next row of three tables where they have already moved. After one wheeling across all three I regain balance and speed towards ace and his crew. They think I'm going to stop Infront of them but I keep going, eventually I am close to about 2 metres away and they realise I'm not stopping. They move out of the way as I jump up onto the table. After raising my hands I jump back down and park my bike back. Ace and the crew walk towards me. Faces in shock. "That was okay." Ace sneers. "Well not only did I clear the tables but I scared the shit out of the coolest guys in school" I say proudly. Ace starts to look pissed and Fresh blurts out "Your Amazing! I don't care if your a girl!"

Ace death stares him. The same death stare as always and it seems fresh pays no attention. As the bell goes me and ghost (Ashton as only I know him) head to our next class. During class I write I small little goals list.


1. Join the crew

2. Learn the real names of the crew

3. Become leader of the crew

4. Kick Ace out

Suddenly Ace bursts in.

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