Alley Boys

The most feared/popular guys in the whole school go by the nicknames Ace, Fresh, Ghost and blaze. They call themselves "The Alley boys" and hang out in the alleyways at night. Bearing leather jackets and motorcycles the 19 yr olds have been kept back to repeat yr 12. New girl Sarah fetzher has always been the girl to hang out with the popular guys. What will happen when she tries to hang out with the alley boys. Rumours, drama, fights and romance?


8. Class with the ASS

Sarah's POV

I don't know who the hell he thought he was, trying to get me to move my bike. Well he can get stuffed because that's my park now. Maybe he is the 'big deal' around here but it doesn't bother me.

I head to form about 5 minutes late because I got lost. With style i walk into the room not even stopping to apologise for being late. I remove my leather jacket placing it over the back of my chair and sit my pilot shades on my head. I look across the room to see that ass from outside.

"Um excuse me miss- miss fetzher? Yes well I assume your new but the common practice would be to apologise for being late" Mr Thomson rudely addressed.

"Well sir you must be getting here to early, I'm on time, my phone says its 9:05." I remark

"The bell went at 9 miss fetzher" he states.

"Well how about for today we say the bell went at 9:05" I say and walk out of the class. Skipping form is looking like its going to be a common act.

Aces POV

wow. She just did everything I would've done. Walked in with style, argues with style and left with style. WAIT pfft nah. I'm much better. Some people looked at me as if to say 'she's competition'

Honestly, a girl will NEVER be competition.


I just had an amazing science lesson and met a guy just like me. He told me his name was ghost, to which I replied "why?" And he told me that it's because his real names stupid. I laughed and said calling yourself a 'ghost' is stupid. Then he told me about aces gang and how he has to follow strict guidelines. "Being in a gang means no rules? So if ace sets rules then that's pointless" I told him. We talked and talked and ghost told me "roxy" sounded more badass and that I should change my name. He even told me something he never told anyone, his real name is Ashton. Cute aha.

Right now we are walking and talking. I asked if I could sit with him and he cringed but gave in after awhile. I just had to meet the crew. Find out who the leader of this school is. But I regret it. Turns out 'Ace' just happens to be that asshole from the parking lot. Here he comes, with that leather jacket and pilot shades. (Just like me) his hair is quiffed. On one side comes a fiery headed wannabe punk who is also wearing the jacket and shades. On the other side walks a guy with black/blonde hair and tanned skin. They are all cloned. That's when I turned around to notice that now Ashton had put his shades on. As Ace walked I wanted to barf. How and in what way at all is he threatening.

"Um ghost why the hell is this little bitch here?" Ace sneers

"Yeah ghost!" Fiery haired boy says.

"Okay goodbye now" ace yells.

"Nope I'm sitting here and joining this crew." I remarked standing my ground. Ace laughed, he removed his glasses and came within centimetres of my face "goodbye" he said. I removed my shades and asked "oh where are you going?" Not only did I get a smile from tanned boy but ace even stood back and chuckled. "FINE, But I'm laying down CLEAR RULES. If you don't like them then leave." He stared at me. Wow he is letting me stay? Bullshit.. Those two boys look like their about to explode as their mouths nearly hit the floor.


"First we have the initiation, you have to pass this be an official member, first you have to-"

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