Alley Boys

The most feared/popular guys in the whole school go by the nicknames Ace, Fresh, Ghost and blaze. They call themselves "The Alley boys" and hang out in the alleyways at night. Bearing leather jackets and motorcycles the 19 yr olds have been kept back to repeat yr 12. New girl Sarah fetzher has always been the girl to hang out with the popular guys. What will happen when she tries to hang out with the alley boys. Rumours, drama, fights and romance?


2. Blaze

(Start of class)

Blaze's POV

For this assessment all I have to do is write shit about myself.

My nickname is blaze, it's because I have fiery red hair. Not ranga red. I died it red. It's much more intimidating. I also got the nickname from when I lit the principals car on fire. That was in yr 8. I hang out with the crew all the time. Ace is the leader but i think I'm the close 2nd. I would tell you why but I can't. Anyways I live with the crew and we ride motorbikes to school everyday in our leather jackets. People would call us a gang but Ace says a crew is a better word. Since he is the leader his opinions always right. I'm not allowed to refer to it as "my crew" but as "the crew". Only ace refers to it as "my crew". No one knows my real name. Infact not even the crew. As I've stated I'm not Afraid to light your car on fire if you mess with me. I carry my lighter around anyways. Teachers won't let you smoke in class though. What idiots. Basically that's all I'm telling you about me. Mind your fucking buisness.

^thats an A+ right there aye miss J. (I know what car belongs to you)

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