Alley Boys

The most feared/popular guys in the whole school go by the nicknames Ace, Fresh, Ghost and blaze. They call themselves "The Alley boys" and hang out in the alleyways at night. Bearing leather jackets and motorcycles the 19 yr olds have been kept back to repeat yr 12. New girl Sarah fetzher has always been the girl to hang out with the popular guys. What will happen when she tries to hang out with the alley boys. Rumours, drama, fights and romance?


1. Ace


Hey this is my 3rd fan fic. I am still in the middle of my other two. If you like this then please check out my other fan fics. I would love to hear some comments on whether I should continue this. ;) -Madzie (my nickname)

Ace's POV

Apperantly for this assessment I have to write some shitty paragraph about me so here I go.

First i will start with 10 rules I live by.

1. Don't ask me what my real name is.

2. You will call me Ace

3. You do not park anywhere around my motor bike unless your apart of my crew.

4. The only people in my crew are fresh, blaze and ghost.

5. Don't mess with me.

6. I am always the LEADER

7. My opinion is always right

8. Do not touch the jacket.

9. Get out of the way when my crew are walking

10. I will beat the shit out of you

If you disagree with any if these then read rule no.7 again.

Ok now more about me.

I have blue eyes but if I catch you staring I'll knock you to the ground.

I have dirty blonde hair which I comb into a perfect quiff everyday. If you touch my hair I'll knock you to the ground.

I am really tall. If you try to stand over me I'll knock you to the ground.

I hate when people ask me to do things and I live with my crew in a house. My crew and I have been kept back 2yrs now. I really don't care because

1. I can just wag if I don't wanna go to school.

2. Teachers are scared of us

3. We run the school.

So that's it. Plus my mom and dad are hella rich so I get a new motorbike every month or so. Whatever's coolest. Right now the paint job on my bike alone is $425 so if it gets a scratch. I'll knock you to the ground.

P.s Miss J if you mark me down for cussing I will knock you to FUCKING the ground.

Written by your favorite student


The bell rings and I walk to hand in my assessment. Pretty easy if you ask me. I look at Miss J with the look that says "Give me a good mark" and she knows I mean it. After being the reason I got kept back again she knows not to give me a shitty grade. Besides she totally has the hots for me. Like every girl/teacher in this school. Now I just gotta wait for my crew.

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