The Fatal Frost

Maria Anderson is a seventeen year old assassin responsible for eliminating threats to the mortal world. Being the daughter of an ancient Greek god, Maria has a few tricks up her sleeve. Her latest assignment, Mr. Xavier Price, is a vile man. Price has been turning his recent dates into test subjects, for his mysterious hooded boss. Can Maria stop Mr. Price before his experimenting gets out of hand?


9. Chapter 9

Holding herself together, Maria searched for Hobbs, and Ezra. Several times she slipped into the shadows to avoid pacing creatures or guards that were gallivanting about.  Thanks to her new ability, she was able to lurk around unnoticed, as long as there was darkness to cover her.

On the bottom floor of the warehouse, she saw rows and rows of cells made with extra durable holdings. To her surprise most of them were empty. The glass in front of the cells was several inches thicker than the one’s she saw upstairs. The walls were pure white. Shackles were hanging from the ceiling, and dropping from the sides of the walls. On the doors, there were several buttons, and contraptions that looked to keep trouble contained. The demigods must be kept here, she told herself.

Extending a feeling of worry through the air, she hoped it would reach Ezra. Though she was not sure exactly how his empath ability worked, she still had to try. The dark room had black rails, and beams everywhere. Even the flooring was black with little holes showing a dirt path underneath. The walls were lined with technological devices that Maria had never seen before.

In one cell there was a tall girl with carmine colored chin length hair. Her head hung low, from exhaustion. They had her extended in the air hanging from her arms. Based on the lashes on her body that now looked swollen over, Maria guessed this one tried to fight her way out. As if she could feel the eyes on her, the girl slowly lifted her head. Her brown eyes had a deep scarlet ring around the irises. A daughter of Ares, she thought, could be useful if I need to fight my way out. Ares being the god of war had a miraculous ability to defeat a wide majority of his opponents. Being his daughter, the girl must have gained some of her father’s talents.

Are you injected? Maria mouthed to the girl.

No. Her head shook slowly.

I’ll find a way to get you out.

The girl shook her head in understanding. Maria scanned the doors. The small buttons that aligned the sides had lights that were flashing. Pressing a large red button to the lower left, the door made a loud noise. Alarms alerted the guards of someone’s presence. Maria wasn’t sure how long she would have until someone arrived. The scuffling behind her, answered her questions. Slinking back into the shadows, she waited as two vampire creatures came through the large opening opposite of where she stood.

Sniffing around, they caught wind of her scent. The first vampire lunged towards her. The long blond curls were matted, and dirty. This one had come from Mr. Price’s house. Maria saddened a little on the inside as she realized this was the woman in the cell across from Ezra’s. What have they done to you? She thought.

The vampire landed in the spot where Maria just stood. Spinning out of the first vampire’s path, the second one managed to grab hold of Maria’s left arm. The unnatural strength pulled her out of the shadows. A brunette woman with a long braid down her back hissed at her. The brunette’s fangs were out, and ready for a taste. The long fangs glittered a white opal color, and smelt of a delicious holiday meal. Maria knew she had to move. Kicking her foot up into its jaw, Maria turned her wrist hard out of the creature’s hand. A deep red mark appeared on her wrist.

The blond vampire now barreled towards her. Maria produced a small dagger from under her shirt, and tossed it at the vampire’s throat. The gash now dripped red, and spots of green, slowly from where the dagger was protruding. It hulled backwards, screaming. In a swift movement, Maria brought out the long black sword. Charging at her, the brunette now went in for the kill. Maria was fast, but the vampire was faster. The thin blade only managed to pierce her shoulder. Blood and green slime dripped from her wound. They still bleed, she thought.

The blond vampire sniffed the blood dripping from the brunette and launched herself towards it. A crazed look came over her mortal like eyes. Shadows appeared on her upper and lower lids. Blackness, with a thin streak of red, was all that could be seen of their eyes once they smelt each other’s blood. A snarl escaped from their lips. The brunette chomped on the blond’s neck, while the blond gnawed at the wound on the brunette’s shoulder. Sucking the blood from each other, Maria took the opportunity to freeze the two. Once they were no more than icicles she took her blade and thrust it firmly down on their necks.

Examining the door again, Maria saw a spot for eye recognition. Holding up the head of the blond victim, the scanner read the eye, and then swung the door open. The redhead looked at her in shock. Surveying the room, she tried to figure out ways to release her. The chains the held the woman in the air, were made of metal. Maria smiled to herself.

“Don’t freak out, but I’m going to release you from the chains,” she told the girl.

Feeling the coolness rush through her, Maria extended her hands towards the shackles that were several feet above her. Ice poured through her fingers. After there was over a foot of ice surrounding the handcuffs, she heard a crack. The daughter of Ares fell towards the floor. Moving as quickly as she could, Maria moved to intercept the fall.

“Thanks,” She said.

“You’re welcome. I’m Maria who are you?” Asking the tall carmine haired girl, who couldn’t be older than twenty.

“Blythe, daughter of Ares,” She exclaimed proudly. “Who do you belong to?” She questioned soon after gazing at Maria’s eyes.

“I’m still working on that,” Maria admitted. “The person who runs this place took people very important from me, I need to find them. You may come if you’d like, if not, please set up a diversion on your way out.” She ordered rather then asked.

The woman sat there a moment. Her face was angular, and strong. The brief flash of question passed through her eyes.  A thin smile appeared at her thick lips. Her clothing was torn, and dried blood filled the holes. She moved towards the headless bodies of the vampires, and grabbed two thin blades from the ones loop.

“I’m all for a good fight.” She smiled on towards her.

The two followed the corridor down until they hit a fork in the tunnels. Most of the cells had been emptied. A few held dazed demigods who couldn’t respond to their questions.  As much as they wanted to free them, they left them in the cell so they wouldn’t ruin their plans. All the demigods responded with, “They would have to ask their master.” The statement made Maria clench her fists.

A goblin hobbled towards the entrance they were now occupying. The oversized animal like eyes looked at them with pure hatred. It swung a large scathe in its hands, trying to discourage the two demigods. Blythe looked at Maria questioningly, and Maria shook her head in response. This was Blythe’s kill, she deserved her vengeance. Maria told herself.  Plunging the two thin blades into the goblin, like a pincushion, Blythe let out a small cry of relief.  Blythe wiped the blades on the goblins raggy clothing, and scooped up the scathe procuring it firmly at her belt.

Maria and Blythe chose the tunnel to the left. They had a strong feeling that’s where they needed to go. Blythe gasped at first when Maria disappeared into the shadows, and then swallowed her shock and kept walking. A loud buzzing noise came from up ahead. A smell of burning car oil filled the tight area. As an annoyance to Maria, Blythe insisted on going before her. Sure she was a child of Ares, but Maria was the trained assassin, that should count at least as much as being the daughter of the god of war. Nonetheless, to let this girl feel useful, Maria sucked down her pride and let the girl lead. It’s not like Blythe could see me in the shadows anyway, Maria thought.

The tunnel got lighter the farther they walked into it. Thick lines left from a whip lined Blythe’s back. Infection looked to be spreading throughout some of her lacerations. Maria sent a tiny controlled frost over the woman’s back hoping to ease some of the pain. A small nod from Blythe told Maria that it had worked. What did they do to you, she wondered.

They came to a balcony overlooking a large room. A massive machine sat against the far wall. There were workers running around frantically in the floor below. Trying to keep their backs to the wall to avoid being seen, they observed the situation taking place under them. Watching the first container, an electric blue liquid slide from a glass bubble down into a large tank, Maria felt shivers on her arm. They’re mass producing it. A small pit formed at the bottom of her stomach.

Blythe looked uneasy at the sight of the three large containers of red, green, and blue liquids. The meddling of work flow beneath them seemed to stop. It was so quiet if a pin dropped in the room, it would sound like a blast of an alarm.

“Ah, the guest of honor has arrived,” A very familiar voice sang to the far right of them.

The two turned to face the speaker. Maria’s heart dropped to her feet. She felt as if the wind had been knocked out of her. Standing on a similarly raised platform just across the way was Hobbs.

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