The Fatal Frost

Maria Anderson is a seventeen year old assassin responsible for eliminating threats to the mortal world. Being the daughter of an ancient Greek god, Maria has a few tricks up her sleeve. Her latest assignment, Mr. Xavier Price, is a vile man. Price has been turning his recent dates into test subjects, for his mysterious hooded boss. Can Maria stop Mr. Price before his experimenting gets out of hand?


6. Chapter 6

Pretending to examine the menu in front of her, Maria watched her latest targets sitting across the restaurant. The giggly redheaded women, with her Latino lover, and they were looking ever so elegant on a big night out. Dr. Lila Hemmingway was a hematologist for the local hospital. Her position as a blood doctor was only a cover; this tall, skinny, redhead was malicious to the core.  Her Latino lover, Matias Diego, was the director of stem cell research for the same hospital.  The two were a perfectly lovely pair. Linked arm, and arm hanging on each other’s every word, they looked positively radiant.

They should be, the fat wad of cash they just received for testing rare blood cells, and finding which additional cells would affect it, would really put them in the mood. A joyous occasion really. The two lived in Cincinnati, Ohio. Wednesday was their usual date night, and considering they both just finished a large deal with X.P. Corporation, which linked back to Mr. Xavier Price, there was a large need to celebrate. Dr. Hemmingway’s shoulder length dyed red hair had thick ringlets through it. Matias had his arm around her waist as they hovered closely together inside their booth at the restaurant.

Hobbs took the call from Master O a few weeks ago. Master O had intended for Hobbs to do this job himself, but with her grandfather still out Hobbs needed to attend to their headquarters. With how worried she’d been over her grandfather, she welcomed the new assignment. Dr. Hemmingway and Dr. Diego were quite the pair. The serums that were being injected into the victims at Mr. Price’s mansion came from no other then these two degenerates. Working in a hospital it’s rather easy to get into off limits supplies, especially when said person claims it’s for a new research development.

Together the two of them took several stored samples that were saved for research in the event an epic disease would break out, and used it for a sinister purpose. After configuring it to Mr. Price’s liking, they’d match the test batch and send it out in bulk to the Mansion just outside Chicago.

Recently the pair had dabbled in the mysteries of demigod DNA. Considering Mr. Price had one readily available at his disposure, she was taking a wild guess that it was Ezra’s DNA they were trying to alter. Watching them at the hospital, she even saw a reaction to the demigod blood as they dripped a green, and then a blue liquid into it. Since all the live testing was done at Mr. Price’s mansion, the couple had to use the bodies that were in the morgue. Smarter then they seemed, the two picked up on the fact that this wasn’t ordinary DNA. They began forming experiments of their own on it. Mutating cells and watching reactions, the two sent over three hundred samples to X.P. Corporation looking for a bonus.

Looking into the kitchen at the restaurant, Maria made sure no one was around to see her slip in. The small bottle of Draught sat in her back pocket. She stole a portion from Sande’s concoction; it was such a strong opiate, that anyone who took it would be imagining they were singing with unicorns on a bright pretty rainbow.

Now was the time to extract her plan. With a rag, she covered a young waitress’ mouth as she entered the walk-in supplies room. The girl’s eyes widened as she saw Maria, right before she dozed to a deep sleep. Feeling slightly bad about shorting the girl on tips, she stuck a hundred dollar bill in the girl’s clasped hand. Pulling the uniform over her own clothing, she placed a few of the cloth rags from the shelves over the girl.

The server line was bare, so she prepared to deliver food to table number 346 where her targets just happened to be sitting. Two seafood platters sat in the food window. The cooks were so busy prepping the plates for their dinner rush that they didn’t even notice their new server.

Carefully slipping a few drops of Draught onto each of the plates, she loaded up a tray and headed out towards the table. Anxiety kicked in as she neared the table. She could feel her body aching for the kill. The redheaded woman looked up at her through the bangs that lined her face. Quickly avoiding eye contact, Maria continued. Kicking the stand into place, she gently set the tray down. Dr. Hemmingway and Dr. Diego went so deep in conversation they didn’t even seem to notice her.

Setting the two orders in front of them, she closed the stand and moved it to the side. The food smelt excellent, and if she were here under different circumstances maybe she would have tried it. She watched as the two toyed with their food before taking a bite off each other’s forks. Gross, she thought. At least they still managed to eat the Draught. All there was left to do now was the wait for the drug to set in.

An hour later the couple got up to leave. Laughing hysterically, Dr. Matias Diego moved to assist Dr. Hemmingway with her jacket. Stumbling, he ran straight into the chair in front of him. This sent Dr. Hemmingway into a stream of hysterical tears. Together they linked arms and wobbled out of the restaurant.

Maria kept a few cars behind their taxi, driving Hobbs’ black Dodge Challenger. The driver was using a standard GPS system, making it easy for Maria to find their townhome. A group of large townhome complexes appeared into sight. They were filled with character. The giant stoops leading into the homes were created with an art deco design. The shutters on the window gave it a vintage feel.

Entering the end unit, the couple tripped over their welcome rug. Maria watched as the two practically sucked the face off one another. Backing into the door, Dr. Diego slammed it shut. She took a moment and parked the car a street away, and started walking towards the home.

Standing at the large window, she saw them climbing up the steps. They stumbled every few seconds. Excellent, it’s working, she thought. Waiting a moment, she slowly turned the door knob letting herself in. The townhome was well kept, and recently remodeled. Momentarily, she paused and listened to the noises around her.

An obnoxious giggle filled her ears. Slinking up the steps, she ran her gloved hand along the banister. That was just for dramatic effect, Maria saw killers do that in the movies. When she reached the top, she pulled out the long black sword. The door was slightly cracked, making it easy for her to slip into the doorway. With messy hair the two sat in only t-shirts and underwear facing each other in fits of giggles.

These two, in Maria’s mind, were just as much to blame for the monstrosities as Mr. Price. They knowingly altered DNA to create those dangerous beings. Money was the only thing leading their ambition. So long as Mr. Price forked over the dough, the two would continue to work for him. Unlucky for them, he’s dead. And soon they will be to. She smiled at the thought.

Gliding forward Dr. Hemmingway caught sight of her. The drugged woman laughed, and clapped as she approached the bed. Turning his head to look, Dr. Diego gave her a hungry sexual look. They slipped so far into a groggy land; they didn’t even notice her tying them to the bed posts.

Their eyes slowly opened a few hours later. Maria sat in a chair near the foot of the bed watching them. Horror spread across their faces as they realized they were gagged, and bound. Struggling to get free, Dr. Diego wiggled against his restraints with a lethal glare. Dr. Hemmingway had tears streaming down her face, she was pleading as best she could with a handkerchief in her mouth, to be let go. Maria just stood up and walked towards the bed. The shaking couple tried to scream.

“You know why you’re in this position,” Maria told them. “When all you care about is the money, and not the side effects of the nasty serum you created could cause, this is what you get.”

Maria dragged the edge of her sharp blade down the side of Dr. Hemmingway’s cheek. Soft whimpers came from the woman. “We know what you’ve been doing, and we know who you’ve been selling it to. As far as I’m concerned your fortune has just run out.” Maria let a creepy smile fill her lips.

Dr. Diego let out a low growl. Trying hard to break his restraints, he tugged with both arms at the same time. With a cold shiver up her back, she reached out her hand, and he was frozen in place. Dr. Hemmingway was now hyperventilating, and trying to scream. Maria had to get her to stop.

“If you stop screaming, I’ll untie your gag,” The woman nodded back at Maria.

“…W-what is i-it you w-want with u-us?” she asked shakily.

“I don’t want anything with you,” she responded turning her head slightly at an angle to give off an ominous look.

“P-please let us go. You’re young, y-you don’t have to do this,” she pleaded. Her soft light eyes screamed horror.

“What sort of tests have you been running on the demigod DNA?” Maria questioned.

Trying to look clueless the woman shook her head.

“Cut it out,” She said turning a dagger over in her hands “I already know everything. Just tell me what they plan on doing with the DNA from demigods.” She commanded.

Standing above the woman, Maria carved a deep line on the inside of her thigh. The woman cried, but didn’t budge. The blood was now trickling down onto her sheets. Watching as the bamboo stick collided with Dr. Hemmingway’s stomach, Maria hoped that would do the trick. The woman remained silent trembling in her restraints. Maria turned towards Dr. Diego. His frozen eyes stared towards the ceiling. She grabbed a hold of her thin black blade, raising it above her head ready to plunge deep into Dr. Diego’s ice covered chest.

“Don’t!” Dr. Hemmingway cried. “Please don’t.”

“You have five seconds to convince me otherwise,” Maria ordered.

With a deep inhale, the redhead complied. “We were working on the compulsion serum. X.P. Corporations are the ones you really want to go after! Whatever they asked for, we provided,” Dr. Hemmingway’s voice wavered.

“Oh, Mr. Price has already been taken care of don’t you worry,” Maria threatened.

“He, and h-his company are the ones you want. W-we just helped to examine the DNA,” she cried.

“Therein lays the issue. If you were just innocent bystanders I wouldn’t have been called in,” Maria explained. “The two of you in fact created all the serums used to alter DNA which would conform it to a new shape, with almost assured results, and sent them to a monstrous man in return for money.”

Before the woman could respond Maria sent the sword thrusting through her throat. That left the man; Maria swung her bamboo sticks hard and strong into the thick glass prison. Ice was splitting in all directions, tearing his flesh with it. When the last bit of Dr. Diego cracked, leaving nothing but little icicles of him behind, Maria left.

The roar of the Dodge Challenger emerged as she drove onto I-75 making route for Michigan. The tree’s lining her drive back was breath taking. Autumn was always such a beautiful time of year. She passed homes all decorated up in spooky themes for Halloween. The long drive gave her time to play over the words of the now desist couple.

A Compulsion DNA injection seemed like a very dangerous thing, especially when the equation involved demigods not in control of their own will, or gifts.  Who was this boss? She wanted to know. Obviously, it was someone with ability to get their hands on a bit of money. All the stuff this mysterious hooded man now had his hands in made her nervous.

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