The Fatal Frost

Maria Anderson is a seventeen year old assassin responsible for eliminating threats to the mortal world. Being the daughter of an ancient Greek god, Maria has a few tricks up her sleeve. Her latest assignment, Mr. Xavier Price, is a vile man. Price has been turning his recent dates into test subjects, for his mysterious hooded boss. Can Maria stop Mr. Price before his experimenting gets out of hand?


3. Chapter 3

With all her strength she plowed a crow bar into his cell. That of course, did absolutely nothing. She swore. There had to be a solution. She was about to ram the cell again when she heard the banter of two goblins. An opportunity, just what she needed. The two goblins wobbled over to the howling feral woman. Maria grabbed hold of the bigger goblin’s head placing a hand over his mouth. The perfect position to slice the creature’s throat.  It was a clean cut. Her fingers warmed from the green ooze flowing from the gaping wound.

The second goblin heard the body fall the ground, and grew alarmed. A large cane was swinging from his hands. Keeping low to the floor she kicked the goblin in the back of the legs knocking it off its feet. A large yelp escaped its mouth as its head collided with the ground. The wrinkly skin surrounding its cat like yellow eyes turned into a furious glare. A small knife appeared at the end of the cane. She jumped back out of the way; colliding with the stone wall. A gentle buzzing noise came from behind her head. Turning she saw a large shovel hovering above her. She ducked as it hit the wall where she just stood. Levitation, a nasty little perk these horrid little creatures had. A thin dagger that lined her leg was now in her hand. Steadying herself a moment, she lined up and threw the dagger straight at the goblins chest. It hit dead on, literally. The creature groaned as it fell lifeless to the floor. Knowing the loud cry alerted the other goblins, she had to act fast.

On the first goblin she’d slain, there was a small bag of keys. Fiddling with it a moment, she found the key to unlock Ezra. With the final click of the lock, she pulled the door open. Maria wrapped her arm around Ezra, as she hoisted him up. As quickly as she could with him leaning on her, she made her way back to the dead goblins. She pried the cane out of the dead creature’s hands. Careful not to give off that there was a knife at the end she placed it in his hand opposite of the one around her shoulder. Luckily the darkness surrounding them hid most of the horrors from him. Being as weak as he was, Maria didn’t need his knees doubling over as she tried to get them out of there.

Using a dagger as a mirror, she made sure around every bend that nothing was jumping out to surprise them. Maria bit her tongue from the pain that now scorched through her. The two large gash wounds were throbbing. She would need to bandage them up the second she got to headquarters. Pushing herself as best she could, she used all the aching muscles in her body to pull Ezra up with her.

Upon reaching the top of the stairs, Maria closed the bookshelf. Dragging Ezra over to the small chair, she left him there while she searched for a way to trap in the goblins in the lair below. Ezra pointed to the large door with carvings along it. Yanking the door open with a great force, she bolted into a large office.

Inside was a desk with over fifteen screens surrounding it. Every screen filled with different areas of the house. One of the screens on the end showed dozens of Goblins trying to make their way up the steps. She glanced at one screen in particular, showing a car pulling into the far end of the driveway.

 Adrenaline coursed through her veins. On the far wall something caught her eye. A thin black crystal like sword hung proudly displayed on the wall. As if it were calling to her, she went straight to it. She jerked it off the mount feeling its feather like weight in her hands.

Throwing the sword into the surveillance equipment, she watched as electricity sparked. At least it destroyed any evidence leading back to her. The desk had a small bottle of super glue in the corner of it. Simple yet effective she thought. Running back out to the lobby area between the office and the lair, she got to work. She squeezed the strong glue along the opening of the hidden door, allowing it to fill the small crease she could now see running up and down the wall. Securing it more tightly she sent a frost up the crease, sealing the substance in place.

Taking the steps as quickly as Ezra would allow, she constantly looked out the window on top of the door keeping a close eye on the red sports car approaching. The foyer was large. The tall ceiling made the room feel enormous. With the open floor plan below, there were no real pockets for Maria to slip into and hide. She would have to stake out in another room. What to do with Ezra though? A thought occurred to Maria. With a simple nod, Ezra seemed to understand.

 Sitting in plain sight in the living room right off the foyer, was Ezra. Maria readied herself hiding just out of sight in the adjoining parlor. Whistling could be heard outside the front door. Maria’s senses began to pulse; her body yearned for the kill. A quick jiggle of the knob suggested the Mr. Price was letting himself in. The door squeaked open as he continued with his happy tune. Once he stepped through the door, it slammed shut with a strong force. A loud clunk echoed through the foyer as he tossed his gym bag down. There was an abrupt halt to his whistling, followed by a long pause.

“And just how did you manage to get up here?” Mr. Price asked with a hint of amusement. His voice deep, but had a sort of melody to it.

“Magic,” Ezra responded with his rough patchy voice.

“Now, now Ezra you know we hate secrets.”

Maria’s body was preparing for a battle. A strange prickling sensation occurred over her, much different from the tingle she got when she unleashed her frost. Creeping around the side of the wall, her fingers traced the thin daggers that hid under her shirt. Needing to decide which weapon to use she went to reach for her sticks. The sword was now pulsing on her back, as if giving her permission to use it. A smile broke over her face; it had been a long while since she killed with a sword. She welcomed the lethal acquaintance. Her thin toned body moved like a song. As she turned the corner to strike, she saw Mr. Price holding a fragile Ezra by the shirt collar. A large syringe held against his throat.

“I knew there had to have been someone else here,” His eyes were showing pure victory.  “Ah another demigod, would you look at that -”A creepy smile appeared on his lips. “-a girl.”

Her breathing steadied. She’d been caught before by her victims, of course she always managed to escape. No she didn’t fear for her life being a risk, she needed to get Ezra out. Hobbs would want her to get the demigod to safety; she constantly repeated that to herself.  Swallowing the bit of panic that rose from her chest, she readied herself to move.

With one forceful throw Maria aimed a dagger at Mr. Price’s hand. A quick jerk of his hand showed the dagger protruding from the knuckles into his palm. The cool and confident man let slip his vulnerability. He hadn’t planned for an attack. Idiot, she thought. Not giving him time to think she swung a bamboo stick at his head. Ducking, Mr. Price went too spin around with the syringe held in his hand.

Mr. Price was advancing on Maria. The clear blue liquid was drawing closer. The crazed look in Mr. Price’s eyes had Maria readying her dagger for her next throw. As he progressed towards Maria, a cane collided with the back of his head. Ezra stood against the couch with the cane raised in one hand. With a powerful look, Maria felt a wave of warmness surrounding her. She felt his encouragement surging through her.

Mr. Price rolled as Maria pounced on top of him. Barely dodging the blade of her dagger, he kicked her in the stomach. Small dark hairs covered it blade. The ottoman in the room was now hurtling towards her face. Doing a back flip to avoid the collision, she kicked it against the wall.

Ezra jumped Mr. Price while he was busy with Maria. With exhaustion, and hunger weighing him down, he did little more the knock him off balance. Mr. Price rammed Ezra’s head into the ground, knocking the injured demigod out. Turning his eyes away from Maria, he focused his energy on Ezra. Perfect, that was all the time she needed. Pulling the sword from her back she felt the firmness through its core. The ice sizzled in her body wanting to explode out. To her surprise, the sword awakened with the flow of the ice beaming from its tip. Before Mr. Price could react she released the energy towards him.

 The room turned to slow motion. She watched as Mr. Price raised a dagger towards her. The dagger looked like it was going to collide, until she saw a blockade of ice appear in front of her. Mr. Price was frozen solid. Everything but his wrists, face and neck were covered deep layers of ice. Panic ringed through his face. She could practically smell his fear.

“Who do you work for?” She asked him silently admiring her new blackened blade turning it over, and over watching the midnight crystal beam in the sunlight.

“You are a special one aren’t you? Most unique indeed, that a sword with such a tragic history answers to your call.” He replied calmly, flirting almost. His blue eyes still shined with a tiny bit of amusement.

That caught her interest. The sword firmly held in her hands. Whose sword was this? She’d have to ask Hobbs about it. Now it was hers, she felt that when it begged for the kill. Annoyed with his answers she had to show him she wasn’t in the mood for games. With a flick of her new sword she slit his left wrist.

“We’ll try this again.” She gave him an innocent look. “You’re going to give me the answers I want, or you will die a very painful death.”

“Death is expected amongst mortals. It is life that’s unknown.” He said staring her straight in the eyes.

The right wrist slit was easier. Maria enjoyed the wince of pain that overcame the ignorant fools face. A shallow red puddle now lay at her feet, little drops of green liquid mixed in with it. Her clothing soaked from his blood spilling out. Mr. Price was studying her. A loud clamor came from up the stairs. Great, the goblins, she thought.

 Acting fast was her only option. In one sharp movement she sliced his head from his body, and left the rest of him trapped in the mound of ice. Grabbing the gym bag that was still near the door, she threw his severed head inside, and grabbed his keys.

Hauling Ezra up, she hung the unconscious man over her shoulders, as tall as he was his feet still drooped on the floor. Using all her body to support the weight of him, she dragged him forward out the front door. Her gashes from earlier now reopened. She bit back a cry of pain as she ran off the porch, pushing towards the red Ferrari only yards away.

Swinging the door open she practically threw Ezra into the passenger seat, she pulled the gym bag on to his lap. Running to the driver’s side as quickly as she could, she pulled open the door. Goblins started pouring out of the mansion. The disgusting puke green creatures were starting to fill in the spaces surrounding the car. Anxiously she turned the key in the ignition. Nothing, - she had to keep going. Pressing her foot on the break, she turned the key again. The loud roar of the car started, reassurance sank in as she plunged backwards down the driveway, and out of sight of the disgusting little goblins.

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