It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


20. You need to rest

Zoe's POV ;

Two hours. I'm laying here for two freaking hours. I couldn't fall asleep, I was too worried about dad. So I went downstairs. He, of course, was asleep. Alice is asleep as well, but next to dad, on the floor.

"Alice? Alice wake up" I shook her arm gently

"What happened? Did he wake up?"

"No. Everything's fine.. Go to your bed, I'll stay with him" I reached my hand to help her get up.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah.. Go to sleep"

She went to her room and I stayed with him.. Then I laid out a blanket on the floor and tried to fall asleep again.. Someone has to be there when he wakes up and I don't want to leave Alice alone again with him, although she reacted like a mature person.. she's still a 12 year old girl.

Morning. I looked at him and he's still asleep, I got up to make some coffee.

"Make it two" Alice walked to sit on one of the bar chairs

"Did the doctor say something else? Alice I'm too worried about him" I poured the hot water

"Don't worry, he says he'll be just fine. The doctor's coming next Monday to check on him again." She rubbed her face with her palms "did you get some sleep?"

"Yeah a little bit.. I kept waking up, I was worried he'll wake up and I won't be there or something" I handed her the hot mug "watch out"

"Thanks. That's his body showing him to chill and rest for a moment. He went through a lot lately.."

I kept in silence and took a sip from my coffee..

In the meanwhile Alice told me about a few friends she made at school, they all sound very nice. I even laughed a little cause she got the same impression I got when I first heard their accent.

Dad woke up. We both ran to the couch.

"How are you? Is everything okay? I'm so mad. You need to know when to stop pushing your body. You freaked the hell out of us." We both yelled at him

"What happened?"

"You don't remember?" She held his palm "dad you've had a heart attack"

"I've had what?"

"A heart attack" I set on my knees beside him

"Now you don't really have a choice. The doctor said you can't go out, he'll come next week to check you again. Watch tv, take long baths, stay calm." She explained "me and Zoe will do shopping and chores don't worry"

"But how did it.."

"Dad all the moving excitement and the stress you've gained at your old and new job, it all affected you." She didn't let him finish

"Take it as a sign. Your body just showed you it's too much.. Don't make the same mistake twice. Come home in a reasonable hour, stay at home on weekends, rest when you have the chance." I continued

"I'm fine.. I'm just going to grab my jacke.."

"Dad I'm not kidding!" Alice yelled "aren't you listening? You need to rest. I'll get you whatever you need, you just stay here and rest. Don't play with your heart dammit. You're 43, it's young." She crossed her hands

He didn't say anything. He looked like a scared six year old boy.

"Good" she looked proud "now what do you need?"

"A shower please"

"Go then"

From my point of view, Alice was the man in here.

"You have to hold them short" she laughed after he left the room

"What the hell was that?!"

"I don't know.. I guess I'm just pissed at how disrespectful he is towards his body"

She's a good kid. Unlike me.

He finally woke up which means I can watch tv. Friends of course. After 5 episodes I went upstairs to check my phone.

1 unread message from Ashton

"Call me when you get this"

I dialed his number

"Hey I got your message. What's up?"

"Just wanted to hear your voice.. How's your dad?"

"He finally woke up.. Alice said that the doctor gave him 2 weeks of rest, until then, me and her are going to do shopping and other things he can't do."

"Take care of him.. He needs that"

"Yeah I know.. He's just so annoying, he took it so easily you know? 'A heart attack? Oh okay, let's run a marathon now'. It pissed me off, and you had to see how my sister yelled at him" I started laughing when I remembered how mad she was. She's the man.

"Sounds like he's a workaholic to me.."

"Exactly. He can spend more time on his desk then on his couch. What are we talking about anyways.. How are you?"

"Good.. I miss you"

"Miss you too"

"Can I pick you up tomorrow after school?"

"I don't think so. Dad's all alone.. I have to come straight home. Sorry."

"It's okay.." He didn't mean it "it's not your fault something like that happened right?"

"Right.." I didn't mean it either "talk to you later?"

"Yeah sure. Bye." He hanged up

And the feeling I'm letting him down, came back again.

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