It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


16. Truth or dare?

Ashton's POV ;

I played a movie cause I didn't want to do something else which may seem 'too much' to her. She fell asleep..shivering. I went back to my room to get a blanket and covered her up.. Then remembered she has a life, a school she need to go to, a house she needs to sleep in.

"Zoey..Zoey wake up" I played with her hair a bit.

She smiled with her still closed eyes

"Hey let me get you home..." I moved to her cheek.. I know she likes it

Zoe's POV ;

I felt his fingers in my hair..on my cheek.. I was already awake at the first time he said 'Zoey' but I didn't open my eyes.. Just to have a few more seconds with his touch.

I opened them. "What time is it?" I rubbed my eyes

"Just want me to drive you home?"

" I came so we can hang out right? Let's hang out"

"Have you thought of something?"

"Truth or dare" what am I five..

"Okay but let's get it interesting.."

"Interesting how?" Please not an adults rules

"You'll see.."

I love it when he plays mysterious

"Okay so I'm not going to spin the bottle cause we're two.. So we'll just play in turns. Ready?" He looked at me

I nodded

"I'll be first so you can see how it goes. Truth or dare?"

"Dare" I'm scared. It's better than truth though..

"Okay. Umm let's see.. Oh I know. Take one item of clothing off" he looked proud

"What?! That's can't just w.."

"Hey no cheating! You chose dare..take something off"

"Fine" I took a shoe off " there you go

"'s not that your turn"

"Truth or dare?" Please let it be dare please let it be dare

"Dare" he showed some beautiful dimples

"Take something off" paying back time

He took his shirt off "now my turn. Truth or dare?"

"Truth." I didn't want to take another thing off

"Is it truth that you think this hangout is lame?"

"No. My turn. Truth or dare?"

And it went on and on.. After 20 minutes I had left my skirt and my crop top on, ashton wore nothing but underwear.

"I like this game" I laughed

"Last round. My turn. All in?"

"What do you mean?"

"I'm giving you two choices, you pick one and then we're done."

"Okay" how bad it could be..

"Take all of your clothes off. All of them."

"No! Second option"

"Kiss me."


"Kiss me Zoey"

"No you're crazy. I got up on my feet "Okay I won" Then grabbed the fully cold coffee mugs to put them away.

He took them away from me and placed it back on the table. He got up on his feet as well. Laid both of his hands on my cheeks, cupping them, looking into my eyes "kiss me Zoey"

I felt my cheeks getting red.

"Too much game for you.." I backed off

He didn't give up and followed me. I ended up running away from him in circles, like we're five.

He suddenly grabbed my shoulders "I'm tired"

"Someone's not in shape.."

He lifted me up "my lips are in a very good shape"

"Ashton put me down" he walked to the couch

"I will, when I get my kiss"

"I'm not kissing you"

"Why not?" Things became serious

I kept in silence

"Hey" he put me on the couch and set next to me

"What?" I felt embarrassed

"Did I push you?"

"Ashton I never kissed someone before" where did that come from.

"I didn't mean to.."

"That's fine" I didn't let him finish "but I'm good with this.." I took my palm and slowly rubbed his cheek

He closed his eyes and smiled, I could feel his dimples.

"Can you take me home? It's pretty late and I have school"

"Sure" he was a bit disappointed

He grabbed his jacket and we went out.

For the first time when we drove together, I felt free. When I'm with him it's like I can be myself without getting judged.

On the way back I texted Alice to make sure dad doesn't check the window or something and she said she got me covered up. I love her.

We arrived.

"Hey can I give you something before you go?" He smiled. A smile you can't resist to.

"Yeah sure. What is it?"

He kissed me on the cheek. His lips are like marshmallows or like clouds or.. I don't even know how to describe it. It felt good.

I smiled at him.

"I had a really good time. Thanks for the ride. Bye" I went out of the car

He waved at me and smiled through his window, waited till I'll get inside. Till I'm safe.

I walked in.

Alice grabbed my arm and dragged me to her room. She closed the door.


"Well what?"

"How was it?"

"It was good. We laughed.. I had a great time"

"Yeah yeah get to the important part" she walked towards her bed

"Which is..?" I followed her

"Did you guys kissed?? I can't believe you're the mature one.."

Me neither. "Well..he tried but I didn't let him"

"Why?!" She set on her bed

"I didn't feel ready"

"Then you guys are suck.. When finally something interesting happens in this family.."

"Hey Ashton doesn't 'suck' " I punched her shoulder


"I haven't eaten since noon..want to grab something?" Ignoring her fake reaction

"I already ate thanks"

"Bye then."

She crushed on her bed, scrolling down her phone, waving at me.

Dad's asleep which means I have the living room for myself. Movies, ice cream which I call dinner, legs on the coffee table, I'm the queen.

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