It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


29. Truth or dare #2

Zoe's POV ;

Were on our way home from the shopping. I'm really happy about the things I picked.

He bought everything twice cause his room was already furnished when we arrived. A tv screen, a night stand with tiny little drawers, I got a make up table which is also a dresser, and a few products for my bathroom..

9 o'clock and we're finished placing the new things in our rooms.

I have my tv, I have my night stand, I have my own dresser.. That's better than 3 months ago.

I went downstairs to thank dad. Again. He set on the couch with his beer and I think rugby again..

"Thank you" I hugged him

He took a sip from it and kept his eyes on the tv "you're welcome"

It seemed like I would be a bother if I start a conversation with him so I just went to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. Then, went upstairs with it.

Message to: Emma

"Furnished room baby"

She replied

"Can't wait to see xx"

Tomorrow she and her cousin are coming to a 'sleepover', Alice is bringing friends as well.. I hoped to stay downstairs and watch a movie there cause there's the couch, but apparently I'm not.

It's been a long day and I'm tired from searching, lifting, building, placing. I just want to sleep for days..

When I went out of the shower I fixed my hair into a sloppy braid and fell asleep with it..

I woke up starving. Got ready really fast for school, unbraided my hair, and went downstairs to eat whatever I will find.

Dad with his newspaper as always. He watched me slamming cabinets doors.

"What are you looking for?"

"Something eatable" I kept looking

"There's cookies on the top shelf if that would work"

I took the jar and opened it. Chocolate chip cookies. My favorite. The taste was familiar though..

"Dad you've never baked these before.. Why is this familiar?"

"Your mom's recipe"

Suddenly I felt sad.

I went to sit next to him "how was she like?"

He put his coffee and the paper down on the table and gave me a tiny smile "she was perfect. I couldn't ask for someone better than her. She was like you, you know?"

"Really?" I felt like tears were about to come out but I held myself from letting them out.

"Yeah. She was like a tomboy, no offense. I really liked the way she gets dressed, the way she barely uses make up, the way she gives up on stilettos for flat shoes instead. I saw the beautiful woman inside her without all these things."

It was really hard to hold the tears but I still managed to keep them inside.. "Do you miss her?"

"Of course I am." He got up and took his cup to the sink "I'll wait for you in the car"

I locked the house after me and dad started driving.

All these words.. It was beautiful. I've never thought of her like this, I thought she was like Alice, more dolly kind. It's funny to find out you act exactly like the person who wasn't there to teach you how to dress, talk, behave. I wish I could have her as a role model..

At lunch I described Em how my room looks like.. She said her mom is still mad at her for not staying home like she asked her to but she didn't seem to care that much. I already told her to stay and that I'm fine with it but she kept saying I won't get rid of her that easily. I don't know why she insists so much, we could have this next week or something..

School's over and dad came to pick me up.

"Hey" I closed the door

"Hey" he started driving

"Why is the face?"

"I just don't feel very good on leaving you all alone"

"But we won't be alone. Alice is having friends over and so am I so stop worrying so much"

"I already packed so I'm dropping you home, and leaving. I left money on the counter if you want pizza, leave some for your sister too. There are phone numbers on the fridge if I'm not answering on my mobile.. Don't leave your sister alone, unless she's with her friends. Have I missed something?"

"Yeah.. Umm.. What do I do if I tried to make pancakes for breakfast and accidentally set a fire?"


"I'm kidding. Relax."

We arrived. He went in to take his stuffs and then left.

I have the house for myself for a whole weekend. If I could only convince Alice to simply disappear..

I've tidied my room a little bit so it won't look like a hurricane visited it. Then went to put the leftovers from yesterday in the microwave for me and Alice for lunch.

"So how many friends of yours are coming?"

"Three. And you?"

"Two. Dad gave us money to order a pizza.."

"Oh good"

The most boring conversation I've ever had with her.

Alice's friends arrived earlier than Em and her cousin so I stayed in my room and watched tv to avoid the noise they were making. I've never appreciated how much calm Alice is, unlike her friends.

Em texted me they're at the front door and I went downstairs to welcome them.

I opened it.

"Hey" she gave and a hug and walked in

Behind her, a guy that seemed much older than both of us, wearing a Pokemon Tshirt and a jeans jacket above it, he also wore a pair of dark blue jeans, he had a purple hair which I though was pretty cool, and a pierced eyebrow. He walked in after her.

I closed the door after them.

"Zoey, this is my cousin, Michael." She singed me to shake his hand

"Hi. I'm Zoey" I reached my hand to shake his

"Michael" he shook my hand and gave me a shy smile

"Follow me" I referred it to both of them

I led them to my room and we all set on my bed.

"So how old are you" I asked him


Almost like Ashton..

"I like your shirt"

Now, he gave me a real smile. A cute one.

"Zoe. My mom cracked at the end, as she always does, and brought some stuffs. Help me put them in the fridge?"


Michael stayed at my room and me and Em went downstairs.

"He's so cool"

"Really? Never mind. Listen. His mom, my aunt, asked my mom, and my mom asked me, to take him out a little bit on the weekend.."

"So you brought him into my house?! That isn't 'taking out'"

"Okay shut up. Now, he's always on the computer and I had no idea what he likes to do.. You said sleepover and I assumed that if I'm bringing him with me.."

"He'll do what?! Hairstyles?!" I took the bag from her hand and placed it in the fridge without even checking what her mom brought.

"Ha ha. I didn't want to get bored. Now be a good friend and help me out here"

"What do you want me to do?"

"You seem to understand him.. More than I do."


"So start a conversation.. I don't know. Do something."

"C'mon we left him alone for too long.." I singed her to go back to my room

She followed me.

We entered and I closed the door after us.

"Sorry about the noise.. That's my sister's friends."

"I'll be in the bathroom" she left

"So what do you like to do besides video games?" I set beside him

"How did you.."

"Pokemon. You don't have to be a genius"

"I'm kinda into guitar as well"

"That's an amazing instrument. I tried playing on it when I was like ten and gave up very quickly. Too difficult."

"Once you get it, it's okay. You have to practice a lot.. Which means you can't just hold it and expect amazing tunes will come out.."

"For my defense I would say I was ten"

"I started at ten too" he laughed

Em walked back in

"What are we laughing about?"

"My talent"

Then he started laughing even harder.

Message to: Alice

"What's going on with the pizza?"

She didn't respond so I went downstairs and left them on my bed.

"Alice have you ordered the pizza?"

"Not yet"

"Then I'll do it. How many trays do you guys want?"


I went to the kitchen to talk to the woman who takes the orders on the phone and then went back upstairs.

When I came in they were both sitting on the floor.

"What are you doing?"

"Truth or dare." She singed me to join them.

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