It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


34. Three days from today

Zoe's POV ;

Em was sick today so I spent the day alone in school which was pretty boring but somehow made me feel like it's better this way..

That's just an easier way for me to keep what me and Ashton had in secret.

Dad wasn't able to pick me up today as well so I walked home. It was one of the hottest days in here. I wanted to show as much skin as I could but not too much so it won't look slutty. I just folded my shirt sleeves so it'll look like I'm wearing an undershirt and the bottom of it too so it was about a size of a tank top.

When I finally arrived I didn't even consider saying hi to Alice based on her attitude recently so I went upstairs to take a cold shower.

Dad took Alice to her ballet class right after work and I had pizza leftovers for dinner.

* lost in stereo lost in stereo * it's Ashton


"Hey baby. How are you?"

"Pretty good.. How was work?"

"Exhausting" he sighed

"You okay?"

"Just tired... Umm.. I know it's late, but maybe do you want to come over?"

"You said you're tired.. Go get some rest."

"So pick you up then?"

"Go get some rest babe. Maybe another time.."

"Let me just see you."

"I can't.. Dad and Alice are downstairs. Just.. I'll talk to you tomorrow okay?"

"Fine" he sighed again

"Sweet dreams"

"Bye love" he hung up

I fell asleep with the feeling he's next to me. The sheets still had his smell on them.. Amazing how much you can miss someone in such a short time.

School was boring today as well, Emma is still sick. Dad picked me up and then went back to work. Alice was at a friend's house, as usual.. I didn't really care.

I texted Ashton

"You at work?"

He texted back

"I'll ditch it for you."

"Don't get mad okay?"

"Can't promise that. What happened?"

"Nothing serious.. Emma is sick and I obviously can't tell my dad I'm at her place, which means we can't meet."

"Can't you be just 'out'.."

"Because we're new in here he doesn't like to think I'm all by myself, walking.."

"You're with me"

"He doesn't know that"

"Maybe we'll tell him"

"Don't start"

"I just wanna see you."

"I know.. I'm sorry"

"Don't be sorry. Just say yes."

"Tomorrow. Promise."

"I can't. Band practice right after work."

"When will you tell me about this band thing by the way?"

"Soon. I want you to meet them."


"Yeah, the guys."

"My dad's gonna freak out when he sees the phone bill."

"Tomorrow. 6 o'clock."

"Have a good day babe."

"You too love."

My dad's really going to kill me when he sees the phone bill.

I went upstairs and changed to something more comfortable. Then, went back downstairs and ate lunch in front of the tv.

It's not like there's something better to do than this..right?

I remember my dad asking me what I want to be when I grow up, I had the same answer every single time, 'I don't know'. It's like everybody knows where they're going and I'm just.. Not.

Dad always had that passion for cooking. I remember him making us breakfasts every morning before he found out about the promotion, when he was still sane about his work. He liked to play a waiter and serve the food in a fancy way. I miss those times.

I was still watching tv and Alice has just came back from wherever she was with dad.

We all set in front of the tv, watching a movie dad said some friends from work recommended on, having some quality time together..

Three days from today I'm having my 16th birthday. Maybe I'll talk to Em and ask her if she wants to catch a movie or just hangout together. She's the only one I know, and I'm fine with it. I spent my whole life being a 'one friend girl'.. It's better having a one true friend, than a million fake ones and that's why I'm so afraid to open up to people.

I'm so sorry this chapter sucks.. Promise the next one will be better!!

Sending you love xx

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