It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


33. The lie gets bigger

Ashton's POV ;

She's amazing. She isn't like the other girls I know.. She's special. We're lying on her bed, sheets are the only fabric that touch our bodies. I love her.

Zoe's POV ;

He's hugging me. I have to say that he was right. Now, that I'm after this, after the sex, I see why he was so pissed off when I kept talking about my fears from it. It was amazing. I was calm, I let him show me what to do, he didn't rush it, he's all I could ever dreamed of.

"Thank you"

"For what?"

"Being my first one"

He kissed my forehead.

A few minutes passed and we both got up to wear our clothes back on.

"Can you leave it?"

"Leave what honey?"

"The flannel"

He smiled "why"

"Cause I want to have something from you"

"You have the bracelet" he put his skinnies on

"Yeah but it doesn't smell like you or.."

"You saying you like my smell?" He lifted his head up to look at me

"No" my cheeks got a bit red

"Okay then" he took the flannel and wore it

I didn't say anything.. Just watched him getting dressed.

I had my bra and underwear on and he was already fully dressed.

"I'll text you" he kissed my forehead and walked towards my bedroom door

"Wait. Where are you going." I got up to follow him

"I have something. Band practice. I'm late." He unlocked it

"You're in a band?! Since when?"

"I'm really late Zoey. Like really."

"When were you going to tell me exactly?"

"That's not the time and not the place. I'll text you." He left

We had many opportunities to tell each other about ourselves and he didn't even consider telling me about his 'band' thing..

I went into the shower to wash myself and had dinner after it. Alone.

I didn't rush telling things to Emma cause I knew she'd freak out.. I'll just.. I'll tell her. Not today.

Dad's coming back tomorrow and so as Alice. I feel.. Weird.

Dad's trusting me, he thinks I'm a good kid, he thinks I'm having fun with friends after school, doing homework, watching tv.. A normal teenage kid. What if he finds out? What his reaction will be like? I'm not saying I'm going to tell him.. But even if I'll hide it for three years till I'm 18 and old enough to make my own choices, he will ask me how long I've been in this relationship, and the lies will continue, I'll lie to him again and say that it isn't long.. He will never forgive me.

1 text message from: Ashton

"I'll clear things up next time I see you. Sorry I had to leave like that. Sleep tight babygirl."

Then I figured some things out. Emma. This morning she told me she wants my phone cause her's off, she insisted. Then, after she left with Michael and Alice, Ashton showed up, claiming I texted him. She didn't let me fix it by myself. I know she has good intentions, it helped, but I want to try do things on my own for once in this relationship. Maybe I won't tell her after all.

I watched some tv and it got pretty late so went upstairs. All I could think of was how amazing it felt. And just like that, I fell asleep.

* lost in stereo lost in stereo *


"Open the door"

It's Alice

"You open it. I'm sleeping."

"I would. If I had the freaking key." She raised her voice

"Chill" I hung up

I went downstairs and opened the door for her.

She looked mad

"Hi Alice. I'm your sister remember? The one who woke up to open the door for you. Hi."

"Is there any food left? I'm starving." She obviously ignored me

I went back upstairs to fall asleep again. It was still pretty early, and with that attitude she gives, I don't think I want to stay up and be with her.

The rest of the day I spent doing absolutely nothing. Dad came back, we watched some tv together, had dinner.. Alice was a doll as usual in front of him.. A normal Sunday.

I wish there wasn't a big deal out of sex. Weird that I'm the one who says that, yeah, but that's how I feel.

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