It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


2. the announcement

Zoe's POV ;

"Zoe, to the living!" I hear my sister yelling.

"Coming coming" I respond.

"What the hell took you so long?! Dad wants to talk with us." she said.

I ignored her rolling my eyes and walking to the living room. 30 seconds later dad showed up. He walked to the room with crossed hands and he seemed to be nervous more than usual.

"What's wrong dad? Why did you call us for?" I asked my dad.

"Zoe, Alice, sit on the couch we need to talk" he said ignoring my question.

Me and Alice set on the couch, I set in the middle of it and she tried to sit as far as she could . Dad set between us putting he's arms on our shoulders while closing us to him.

"So I have some big news to tell you girls" he said with shiny eyes.

"Do you remember the promotion? The one I was dying to get almost 2 years now?"

"I got it!" He said loudly.

I jumped over him hugging him while my sister kissed him on the cheek. He laughed and hugged us both.

"Omg dad I'm so happy!" I said with while I was still hugging him.

" Wow dad it's amazing" Alice said while walking to the kitchen.

Me and dad were sitting on the couch while my sister was back from the kitchen with 3 glasses of coke.

"So how's life going to be from now on?" Alive asked while handing us the glasses.

"Listen girls, the moving's going to be hard for all of us. But we have each other to support so I'm sure it's going to be okay" he said.

"Moving? What are you talking about dad?" I asked nervously.

I'm living at this small town since I know myself, I know all the people, all the places, it's small and that's why I love it. Now moving..I'm not going to show dad that I'm not thrilled..he deserves this promotion...I'll follow him wherever he goes.

"Oh I forgot to tell you. Since it's been two years the job has changed a bit, now who gets the job has to move..but not city, state." Dad said while walking to the dining table.

"You're joking right?" Alice asked.

She seemed to be nervous more than I am..but she shouldn't show it. He deserves it even if we're upset about the moving.

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