It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


4. tears, smiles, sisters

Zoe's POV ;

We were all still in the living room talking about the moving and looking at the pictures.

"Dad when we're supposed to leave?" I asked him.

"So here's the thing..I got this job in one condition, we have to move in 4 days." He said as he take a sip from his coke.

"Whattt?!" Me and Alice said at the same time.

"Yeah sorry girls, that was the most important thing, and I forgot" he respond while walking back to the dining table.

Although Alice could be the devil sometimes she's still my sister and I love her. You could tell when she was nervous..and that was one of the many times. She always crossing her hands and if she sits,her legs are crossed as well, she has a thing that she bites her lower lip like I'm doing when I'm nervous.

While I was checking if she's doing those signs I heard dad saying "girls I'm going to make some paperwork for the moving, treat well eachother".

When he left I went to talk to Alice..just asking a few questions about her moving opinion.

"So what do you think about that?" I asked her walking closer, trying to start a conversation.

"When does my opinion even matters to you?! All you think about is yourself." she said while she's still looking at the pictures dad gave us.

"Alice I don't know what impression I gave you but I love you and your opinion does matter to me." I said sitting next to her, getting closer.

"Look Alice, I don't know why we're treating like that to eachother..we're sisters right? We're supposed to help and love eachother."

This time I guess she was really nervous..her legs and hands were crossed and she kept biting her lower lip.

She didn't respond.

10 seconds later she got up and walked fast to her room.

All I did was following her although I know she didn't want me to.

She entered her room and slammed the door. I just listened through and I could hear her crying.

Did I say something wrong? Did I offended her? All I wanted to do was to make us close again..

I decided that I entering..without asking her. I went inside and she was there, lying in bed with her face to the pillow on her bed, so fraction.

I immediately went hugging her tightly..and if she tried to reject me, I hugged her tighter.

It's been 10 minutes of me hugging her while she cried on my chest, after she calmed down we started talking.

"What happened Alice? You know that I love you..did I offended you?" I asked while wiping her tears.

"'s not you" she replied.

"So tell me cause I'm freaking out!" I said loudly..too loudly I think.

She laughed a little..I guess it was because of my speaking tone.

"It''s about mom okay?!" She said, acting ashamed of it.

"It's fine that you're crying over mom silly one!" I said, trying to make her smile a bit.

"Now tell me, what about mom?" I said.

"It's not a big's just that I'm missing her..every single day. I want to be a normal kid who has mom that waits for her every time she comes back from school with warm food on the table..I love dad I really am, but you can't compare a dad to a mom. He's always at work and now when he got the promotion and we're moving..I'm just going to all least here I found my sweet escape." She says with tears in her eyes.

"I can't see you like that! I'm here for you! I can't believe that I let you thought otherwise..I'm so sorry." I'm saying as I'm hugging her even tighter to my chest.

"'s not your fault. I'm acting like a bitch cause I can't find another way to express my feelings." She says while hugging me.

To be honest this hug was a huge surprise..last time she hugged me was probably two years ago, before the promotion thing.

I had a shoulder and for two years I didn't even think of turning it to Alice. I'm an could I ignore this all the time?! She needed help, I was there to help her..and I didn't. I feel awful.

"Let's cheer up!" I said as I'm getting up to pull her.

"Zoe..I don't think so. I'm not in the mood" she said.

"Great! I knew you'd like that!" I said as I'm ignoring her last words.

"Wwwait Zoe! Where are we going?!" Alice said while she's pulled by me.

"Just come." I said confidently.

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