It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


41. Six out of Ten

Zoe's POV;

I went downstairs after I fixed myself for school to have some breakfast. And as usual, dad was there.

I got into the kitchen and made myself a toast, not burned this time, and some coffee.

"Morning." He took a sip from his cup

"Morning." I kept my head down to avoid an eye contact with him, incase he'd want to talk.

"So.. Hmm.. About yesterday.. Who's Ashton?"

"What?" I faked a laugh "I honestly don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh. Okay."

What? That's it?! That's all I've got? An okay?

"That's all?"

"Yeah." He smiled "I trust you."

Great. Guilt feelings.

"T- thanks.."

He took the last sip and cleaned after him. Then left to the car and listen to the radio, like always.


I went out of the test, feeling awful about it. I didn't know how two answer three questions out of ten and ran out of time before I made it to the last one.

Lunch time arrived and I spotted the table me and Em always set on.

"Hey." Em lightly smiled

She stood in front of the table with an 'can I sit here?' Look. Holding her tray which seemed miserable with the face she gave me. Looking sad.

I looked around me and noticed all the tables were taken, so I couldn't say no to her.

"Yeah. I'll just go." I got up with my head bowed and lifted my tray with me

"No no. Stay." She stopped me by the wrist. "I didn't want you to leave because of me."

"That's okay." I kept my eyes on the tray "I'm all finished anyway." I walked away

I honestly don't care how she feels. For once, I'm doing something that makes me feel good.


The interview is in half an hour so I started getting ready.

I assumed that if it's a CD store, it'll have the kind of music I like, so I didn't felt shy on putting a greenday Tshirt and a pair of black skinnies. It was my casual look, and most importantly, it felt comfortable. I put my hair into a side braid and finished with a light makeup on.

It's a small place, with dark red walls, something that looks like millions of CD's which I will bother checking afterwords, and a man in the reception that looked like he's at his 50's.

"Hello mate, how can I help you?"

"Hi.. I'm.. Zoey? I emailed you yesterday."

"Oh yeah.. You're the job girl." His accent sinked into my mind slowly

I just smiled

"Here, umm." He looked for something, so there were a lot of moving "let me see if I can find.. You can stand right? We'll do this quick."

I chuckled "it's fine. I can stand."

"Okay." He looked on an empty paper that has been placed on his desk "Zoey right?"

I smiled on the thought he tried to look professional "yeah."

"How old are you darling?"

"I'm sixteen. Sir."

"Okay. Miss." He smiled "and why do you want to work in here?"

"I've always been attracted to music, in one way or another. I think working at this kind of place would just make me happy."

"You mostly organizing the CD's you know."

"Then I'll discover some new music while doing it."


"Wait. That's it?"

"I think so, yea. I've got all I need. You seem to be a really nice girl, and pretty responsible as well. Am I wrong?"

"Not at all. You won't regret it. Sir."

"Okay you don't want me to fire you two minutes after you got in. right? Call me Robert."

I smiled "thanks, Robert."

We shook hands

"You start tomorrow at 4 then."

"I'll be here."

I was pretty happy on what I achieved. It felt.. Great. Like I finally did something without people being involved in, something that I thought was good for me.

I dialed Ashton's number.


"Hey love."

"How come you didn't answer my texts?"

"Sorry.. I was pretty busy with work and the band.."

"Of course you were." I mumbled


"Nothing. Umm.. Do you want to take a break for tonight and maybe we can go somewhere or.."

"Maybe tomorrow night?" He cut me off "I'm kinda busy today as well."

"I can't. I have a test to study for then. Forget it.. Umm.. Have a good day." I hung up

I wonder what keeps him being so busy at work, or the band. A performance just got canceled so shouldn't he be free? Is a hiding something or that it's just me?


I told dad last night about the job I got, and he suggested we'll go celebrate in a restaurant. I turned that offer down, according to the guilt I feel lately about lying to him. I couldn't just sit there, laughing and eating, knowing we're there cause he feels proud and happy for me. Cause that's exactly what I'm not. I'm not deserved to be proud by someone as long as I keep lying to him. I told him I have this test I need to study to after work and that I won't have time. Which is now true.

I walked into the store, exited to start my first day at work. I walked towards the reception, and when I almost got there, a familiar voice heard.

"Hey Rob I couldn't find any Bob Marley but there was We The Kings and Selina Gomez if you.." He looked on the CD's he was holding while going down the stairs from the attic.

Those legs.. That voice.. That hair. It was Michael. What the hell is he doing here?!

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