It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


10. Shorts

Zoe's POV ;

*3 hours later*

"First of all I'm going to give you two some money to go shopping..I know we didn't have time to shop before we got here and the weather is obviously not the same." Dad started

"Now your schools. Alice your school is right across the street so you'll walk there. Zoe your school is a bit farther so I'm going to drive you every morning. Are we okay?"

"Yeah" we both answered

"Now let's get some new clothes" he waved his car keys

Dad went with Alice to do their shopping and I went to do mine with the money he gave me.

"Hey how may I help you young lady?" A soft Australian accent heard behind my shoulder.

He wore a short sleeve white shirt with blue skinny jeans and a beanie on his head which made it hard to notice his hair color but on the other hand showed his beautiful green-brown eyes.

"Umm I was looking for some high waisted shorts"

"Right behind you" he smiled. Then I notice his two beautiful dimples.

"Oh thanks" I smiled back

"My name is ashton by the way"

"Hi I'm Zoey"

"So come here a lot? Cause I've never seen you in here."

"No we've actually moved in here earlier today"

"Oh Australia is great believe me. Great beaches, great weather if you like the sun, and most importantly, hot boys." He laughed

"Hey let me give you my number. Maybe I can show you around sometimes?" He offered

"Yeah sure."

He wrote down a number and handed me it "Ugh my boss's being a bitch sorry I have to go back there. Nice meeting you Zoey".

3 hours later I met dad and Alice by the car and we drove back home. When we got there I went to fold the clothes and put them into the closet, when I got to the shorts I remembered ashton, and having his number in my pocket. After the flight and shopping I was extremely tired so I took a shower very quickly, put on my sweatpants and went straight to bed.

* 7am *

I don't know how jet lagged feels like but if it includes having the worst headaches ever, I think I have it.

It's 8am and I already brushed my teeth, fixed my hair nicely, dressed up, ate, and even watched some tv. Wow I'm quick. Alice was already at school cause it starts earlier for her so the house was pretty quiet.

* beeeeeeeeep *

It was dad waiting for me to come out.

Grabbed my bagpack full of notebooks and went outside.

"I'll pick you up at 2:30pm and then get back to work, here you have some money for lunch." He pointed at the dashboard.

"Oh great thanks" I smiled

After 10 minutes we arrived.

"Hey listen, I know it's hard and scary but there's a new world out there, and it's great believe me. I love you, have a great day." He kissed me forehead.

Everything went so fast, we had only 4 days till we got on that plane which took us to a place I only knew from pictures I've seen 3 days ago. Well tomorrow is Friday, maybe I'll call Ashton after school and..I don't know. Should I call him? I don't even know this guy.

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