It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


11. Room 267

Zoe's POV ;

I walked any kids, so many faces I don't know. "So you the new one?" A pretty tall skinny girl smiled at me

"Yy..yeah that's me" my voice was shaking

"Hi nice to meet you. My name is Emma, call me Em" she reached her hand to me and smiled

"Hi I'm Zoey. You can call me Zoe" I shook her hand

"So Zoe..when did you move in here?"


"Oh well nice to have you here"

"Thanks..umm can I ask you something?"

"Yeah sure."

"Do you know I where's room 267?"

"Yeah I'm walking there too..follow me"

Great, she's in my year, she seems nice as well. Me and Emma spent the rest of the day together, she told me about Ms. Montgomery and her 23 cats, about her dad's accident and that she really misses him, about the other kids in our year. And a lot more.

* beeeeep *

It's dad.

"Heyy how was your first day honey?"

"It's was pretty good actually, I met a girl named Emma and she was really nice."

"That's great sweetie. Maybe invite her in a few days and we'll have some dinner?"

"Yeah that'll be great. How was work?"

"Amazing. Love the boss, love the co-workers, love the place. I got my own office can you believe that??"

I'm so happy for him. He finally achieved his goal, after two freaking years.

"I won't be home for dinner and there's no shopping yet so just order in. You can invite your friend to come over if you want. Treat well to your sister." And he left

I texted Emma

To: Emma

"Wanna come over for dinner? Ordering's on me ;)"

From: Emma

"Sure my mom will drop me. Text me the address later though."

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