It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


30. Pancakes

Zoe's POV ;

"Actually, can we just watch a movie instead? My head hurts" I lied.

I didn't feel like playing cause it reminded me of Ashton. I'm ready to say 'I'm sorry' again, but it still hurts.

"You okay?" He asked

"Yeah. It's just a headache.." I gave him a fake smile but yet real. "I'll be right back" I left the room.

I went downstairs and spotted Alice in the kitchen, bringing snacks to her friends.

"Can I have the living room?"

"For what?"

"A movie"

"But dad said I can have it, cause you have your own floor.."

"My room isn't that big. Besides, we want to watch a movie and I'm pretty sure my bed won't fit three people"

"And where the hell would I be?!"

"Be wherever you want. Just not the living room"

"Your room then"

"If my bed doesn't for three people it won't fit four as well."

"We're small don't worry"

"No you can't be there"

"Your room or there's no deal"

"Why can't you be in yours?!"


She's doing it on propose..

"Fine. Just don't touch anything.."

"Can't promise that" she ran to the living room, holding the snacks.

When she's around friends, she acts different. Bad different.

I texted Em to go downstairs, instead of going back up and tell them.. In the meanwhile I prepared a few snacks and some drinks as well and put them on the coffee table.

I joined them on the couch. Em played a movie that seemed to be action and I surprisingly enjoyed it.

* knock knock knock *

"I'll get it"

I opened the front door. Pizza is here.

I closed the door with my leg and took the trays to the coffee table. Then, left Alice's trays in the kitchen.

I grabbed a slice and went back to my seat beside Em.

One movie has finished, then she played another one. The second one has finished playing as well, and then she played the third.

Michael fell asleep, and so did she. I turned the movie off and took all the pizza leftovers to the fridge.

I covered them with blankets and went upstairs to check on the girls.

Four twelve year old girls, are sleeping on my bed.

I covered all four of them in blankets as well and tuned the light off. Then went back downstairs since I have no bed to sleep on.

I went into Alice's room to lay on her bed and maybe get some sleep..

1 unread text message from: dad

"Having fun?"

I replied

"Everyone's asleep. I'm half way there."

"Zoey wake up" Alice's voice heard

"Let me sleep" I flipped over

"It'll take just one second"

I ignored her

"Zoey.. Zoey Zoey Zoey Zoey Zoey Zoey Zoey Zoey Zoey Zoey Zoey Zoey Zoey"

"What?!" I faced her again

"I really need to talk to you. Can you please just give me a minute?" She set on her knees and laid her arms on the bed.

"Make it quick"

"So I woke up today and used your bathroom.. There was blood on my underwear. I think we need to see a doctor. I didn't want to tell dad so I came to you.. Is that bad?"

"No.." I got up and held her palm "well congrats. You just got your first period."

"What does this means?"

"That you can get pregnant" I laughed "you have time though. Alice I'm glad you told me.. Now listen, there's things that might help you in my night stand, second drawer. You need help?"

"I think I know how to use them.. We had classes about that." She got up

"By the way.. Where is everybody?"

"My friends left already, and your friends are doing something in the kitchen.."

"Did dad call?"

"He texted me asking how's everything blah blah. Zoe can we continue this later? I kinda have to.." She crossed her legs

"Yeah yeah.. Go"

I went out of her room to the kitchen to see what they're doing.

Em cut fruits and Michael did the pancakes I think.

"Smells good" I stood next to Em

"Michael's idea" she looked at me and then back on the chopping board "your hair looks.."

I took one of the strawberries and put it in her mouth to stop her from continuing it "here, taste this"


I smiled at her

"Hey.." She whispered "you didn't answer me"

"About what? And why are we whispering?"

"About Ashton"


"Well?" She kept cutting them nicely

"I don't know"

"What do you mean?"

I didn't answer. I had nothing to tell her.

"Mike can you Handel this for a second? I need to show something to Zoey"

He nodded. Then she grabbed my arm and pulled me to Alice's room, and closed the door after her.

"What's up with all the whispering?"

"There's something I didn't tell you.."

"About what?"

"Michael.. You.. Ashton.."

"What are you waiting for?! Say it."

"Michael plays in a band."

"What it has to do with me and Ashton then?"

"Ashton's in the same band"

"No he's not" I started laughing "he would've told me if he was"

"We'll check again" she set on Alice's bed

"I still don't understand why it has to be a secret"

"You want people start talking about a 20 year old guy dating a 15 one? I don't think so"

"It's just your cousine.."

"But it's someone"

"I still think it's stupid but whatever.."

She rolled her eyes

"Can I go brush my teeth now?"

"You didn't tell me about Ashton though"

"What do you wanna know?"

"Did you talk to him? We got lectured before you answered me"

"Yeah right.. Well.. Not really"

"And why is that?"

"Em I really appreciate you help, but can you stay out of it this time?"

"Yeah.. I totally get you"

"Thanks." I smiled at her and turned to walk to the door.

"Hey Zoe?"


"Can I have your phone? Mine's dead."

"My charger is upstairs if y.."

"Just give me your phone"

"Check if it's on the bed" I left the room and went upstairs to brush my teeth and change

When I went back downstairs, Alice, Emma and Michael, we're already sitting and waited for me so we could all start eating together.

I set beside Alice "You okay?" I whispered

Everybody started eating


We mostly talked about the movies we watched last night and how stupid the last one was.

After we finished, me and Alice took the dishes to the kitchen and I started washing then while everybody went to watch the tv.

"Boo" someone pushed me shoulders.

It's Emma.

"You idiot. What the fuck were you trying to do?!"

She laughed because of my reaction "scare you?"

"Ha ha"

"Listen we gotta go"

"What? Why? Don't leave. I didn't even finish doing the dishes." I wiped my wet hands with a paper towel

"My mom is still angry I went out instead of staying home.."

"You said you didn't care"

"Well if I want a new pair of shoes, I do care" she smiled

She started walking to the living room and I followed her.

"Zoe" Alice walked towards me "I'm going to a friends house"

What's up with everyone?! Why do I always stay home alone?!

"No you're not" I laughed

"And why not?"

"You've just had friends in here.."

"So.. Is there a rule that says friends are limited?!"

This girl's mood changes in seconds..


"I'm not worried though. You won't tell"

I know that if I tease her about it, she'll start treating me about Ashton.

"When, how and where are you going?"

She gave me that smile she has when she gets what she wants "whenever I want, you're taking me, another sleepover in a friend's house"

"I'm not taking you" I laughed

"Then how do you want me to go?"

"I'll take you" Michael walked in

"You don't have to.."

"No it's okay. Besides.. Emma told me you've just moved in, you probably don't know addresses anyways."

Yeah he was right

"Are you sure it's okay?"

"Yeah" he gave me one of his smiles again

Alice went to change and prepare a bag. In the meanwhile I went to watch tv with Em. Michael joined us as well.

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