It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


12. Noodles

Zoe's POV ;

Emma came around 8pm and we both ate in my room.

"That is so cool you have your own floor!" She said pretty loudly

"Yeah well I wanted a little bit of privacy you know? At our old house I also had a room of my own but it was close to Alice's room so whenever she played music or talked to her friends on the phone..I could hear it. Now it's like a sweet escape or something, if I don't wanna see their faces, which I think will never going to happen, I can just stay up in here."

My room was pretty empty as well, no tv, no computer, just some sloppy bed and a pretty small closet. We both set on my bed, eating the Chinese I ordered in. Sounds lame but it really wasn't. We talked a lot. And then, I felt the need to tell her about ashton.

"Hey Em?"


"Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah of course"

I told her all about the Ashton thing.

"So you basically asking me if it's safe to accept his offer?" She played with her noodles

"Umm yeah"

"How old is he anyways? If he's in our age..I don't think it could harm"

"He doesn't look like 15..maybe 19?20?21? I honestly don't know."

"Wait you said he gave you his number right?"


"So let's call him."

"Like right now?" I bit my lip

"Yeah...don't be scared. He gave you his number for a reason, he wanted you to call him."

"I'm not scared I'm just.."

"Yeah okay give me that piece of paper" she cut my last words.


"Put on speaker put on speaker" I shook her arm

"Hello?" The soft Australian accent heard from the other side.

"Hi! Are you Ashton?"

"Yeah..who's that?"

"This is Emma, Zoe's friend."

"I'm sorry..Zoe?"

"Zoey. The girl you met at the shop"

"Oh yeah, Zoey. How is she?"

"I didn't call you for that. How old are you?" She attacked

My mouth was wide open because of her rudeness.

"Oh jeez I'm uhhh 20"

"Well she's 15, do you think it's cool to talk to a minor and ask her to 'show you around sometimes' ?!" She raised her voice a bit

"Well, firstly I didn't know she's a minor. Secondly I was just being nice, I didn't mean to do something to her, just maybe.."

"Yeah blah blah blah. Listen boy, don't mess with teenagers." She cut his words and hanged up.

"Close your mouth before a fly gets into it" she took a bite from her noodles

"Why did you do that? I thought you're going to ask him a few question!" I took her needles away

"Well guess not." She took it back

"Emma this isn't funny. What if I wanted to go out with him?" I took it away again

"I'm not letting you go out with a 20 year old boy who doesn't know you" she gave up taking it back from me cause she knows it can last for hours

"Ugh stop it seriously. You're not my mom, I told you cause I thought you'd understand, that you won't be like a parent."

"I am understand. Listen Zoe, since you've entered to our school I saw something in you. I don't know you were different. I'm not gonna let a stupid 20 year old guy you don't know take it away. What if he's dangerous? You DONT know him. Let me protect you please." She took my palms into hers

"I don't need protection" I took them away "why is it so hard to believe I can handle on my own?!"

"Maybe cause you've just moved in here?! Maybe cause the only place you might know well is your neighborhood?!" She got up on her feet "I know you want to make some new friends and maybe in that case love but..."

"Wait." I cut her off "how come wanting to get to know the city I live in called finding love? He freaking reached to me!"

"See?! You're going back to him again. Drop him. I'll show you around. I live here too. Just don't accept his offer. Please."

Emma really begged. Something smells weird.

"ZOEY! Promise me. Promise me I'll show you around." Tears were in her eyes.

"Oh god Emma. Why are you crying?? It's just a boy..okay I'll drop it..just..don't cry please." I hugged her


Emma's POV ;

Text message from; mommy

"Hey baby. Sorry I won't be able to pick you up tonight, car problems. Listen I don't want you to walk home in the dark either. Stay in Zoe's house and come back tomorrow okay? Goodnight sweetie."

I turned my phone to Zoe so she can read the text message and she told me I'm welcome any time. Maybe I can finally tell my story to someone? Finally open all that aching story up? Maybe Zoe will understand?

"C'mon let's get you into pajamas" she smiled

I hope she doesn't mad at me. Can't she see I'm protecting her?! I know that she wants to feel all brave and show me that this guy isn't harmful or that he won't hurt her. But I'm not taking the chance he MIGHT do something.

12am and we both lay our backs on the bed frame, staring at the empty spot where the tv supposed to be.

"Hey Zoe. Can I tell you something?"

"Yeah sure"

"I only know you for 2 days but somehow it feels like 2 years. Now listen, it's something I haven't told anyone since it happened. And that's also the reason I don't want you to meet this guy."

"Holly shit just speak already Em you're freaking me out!" She changed her position and replaced my tv-less view in her face.

"Okay, it started when I was 12. After my dad's accident my mom wanted to change everything. The place we live, the school we go to, and especially the car she drives in. So we moved to Sydney. She broke all our college savings and bought new things, she said it's for a good cause. We waited till school year ends and then we packed out stuffs and left. When we arrived, she registered me to a pretty nice school. Nice kids, nice teachers. Except for one." Suddenly tears started dropping, I signed Zoe to leave it. "My art teacher, a 35 year old man. Abused me. First he said that he chooses a random student every month to work on his painting skills after school, ones a week. So I obviously stayed and had his private lesson. He started touching my breasts with his arm, I thought it was by accident cause you know..things like that may happen. So I let that feeling go. Then on our next private lesson he reached his hand to my skirt and lifted it up, I was paralyze Zoe. I didn't know what to do so I let him do whatever he wanted" tears began to drop even harder "At the end of the lesson I went straight home, crying, without knowing what to do. I obviously can't go back there, let him feel me again, and I can't tell mom cause she may be angry at me, those were my thoughts at that time. I just waited for her to come home and told her I don't like this school and begged her to register me to another one. She did so, and that's it."

Zoe was speechless. I think she hugged me for 15 minutes without saying a word.

"I..iiiii..I don't know what to say." She shaked

"You don't have to say anything..I'm just showing you why older people are dangerous. Why older people that seem the most innocent humans you've ever seen, can be harmful. Believe me I'm protecting you, even though you don't want me to."

Zoe placed her back on the bed frame again and set next to me, staring.

"I'm sorry" she said

"Don't be sorry, just don't meet this guy."

She kept in silent.

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