It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


9. New life

Zoe's POV ;

We finally landed. At first, we had to catch a cab to our new home. We got on the cab and the driver said in the most weird accent I've ever heard "where to mates?" His accent was like a British one but in a weird way, more softer. All of the things were different..from the way they talk, they way they look, the weather, the driving side, it was all different.

Dad paid the taxi driver twice than the regular price I know and when I asked him why he said that in Australia you get paid twice at your job and you pay twice at whatever you're buying. It was all so weird for me, different clotures.

We got in to our new home. Dad gave us the keys and told us to go and explore it while he takes our stuffs in. Alice said she'll join later cause she want to look at the neighborhood first.

So I just got in by myself, it was a beautiful two story house with 2 bedrooms at the bottom floor and 1 bedroom at the upper floor. 1 bathroom at the upper floor and 1 bathroom at the bottom one plus a guest toilet, a beautiful kitchen but not too large, a living room with tv and a large family couch. That was basically it, the house wasn't too big but it wasn't too small either, it was perfect for the three of us.

Dad walked in "hey so what do you think?"

"It's beautiful dad"

He smiled

"Where's your sister?we need to discuss about how life's going to be from now on" he said

"She said she's going to check out the neighbor.." I wasn't able to finish the sentence and she was already in.

"I'm here dad" she said "what a lovely neighborhood"

He smiled again "okay before we talk about how things are going to be like from now on, I want you two to check out the rooms and tell me which one you want."

Alice went to see how it looks like and me and dad just waited on the couch, deeply inside I wished she'll take one of the bottom floors one so I'll have my own floor in the house..

She came back and said she want the bottom floor one and then she whispered to me "I guess you wanted privacy and yeah I know you a bit so here you go"

I just hugged her, in the meanwhile dad understood nothing, all he saw was Alice checking out the rooms, whispering something to me, and me hugging her, I guess he was a bit surprised as well cause he used to see us two arguing about everything and suddenly we're hugging.


"Ummmm okay so I'll get the one next to Alice's"

I was extremely happy. Dad told us to meet him at the living room again in two hours after we're done.

Alice went to do her own stuffs and so as me and dad.

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