It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


31. My First Time

Zoe's POV ;

They all left already.

I hate it when she acts like that, like somebody owes her something, I swear that if I had nothing to hide from dad, first thing I would do was to tell him to educate her better.

I turned the tv on and as usual, played friends. I find the tv like an escape from thinking, and there's not much to do anyways so..

* know knock knock *

"A minute"

I opened it. Ashton.

He wore a grey black and white flannel, blue skinny jeans, flip flops, glasses that made him look more handsome than usual, and his blonde curls fell on his face like they always does. A model you could say.

"What are you doing here?"

"Well hello" he smiled

Smile I missed for too long

"I'm sorry.. Come in"

He walked in and waited for me to tell him what to do. Like I did at my first time in his place.

"Want something to drink?"

"No I'm good"

"What are you doing here then?"

"You texted me" he smiled again

"No I didn't"

He unlocked his phone and showed me his last text, and he was right.

From: The one that makes me smile

"I really want us to talk. You can come over, my dad's out."

"Well I didn't write it"

"So do you want me to leave?"

" I didn't mean it that way" I walked to the couch

He followed me

"I hate it when we're like this"

"You know.." He set beside me "being apart kills me, but the fact you think some stupid thought kills me even more."

"I'm just worried.."

"About what exactly? I've never pushed you into anything. I may have teased you, but I didn't touch you without any agreement from your side."

"I know"

"Then why are you keep doing this?"

"Can you stop for a minute and try to look at it from my point of view? Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to be with you and have that feeling you have to loose something because of my age? I'm living with the feeling that I'm not giving you everything I have, and when I talk about it, you get angry."

"I didn't get angry.."

"You kicked me out."

"I didn't kick you out. I drove you home."

"Well it doesn't matter. You ended our only night off together."

"Can't we just cuddle and watch a movie? Do we always have to talk about sex? I'll lie if I say I don't want you this way. I'll also lie if I say I'm ready to do it right now."

I smiled to my thighs.

I can't believe how stupid I was. How stupid I am.

He came closer to hug me. I know that we didn't see each other for just a few days but it felt like years for me. I missed being in his arms, I missed his smile, I missed his smell, I missed the way he holds me..

I didn't want to take my head off of his chest, I wanted him to keep holding me.. * lost in stereo lost in stereo *


"What?" I didn't let go

"Your phone"

"They'll wait"

"Go get it. I'll wait here."

I got up and went to Alice's bedroom to answer it.

It's Emma




"Did you guys made up already?"

"How did you.."

"Check you messages. Did you?"

"What did you do to m.."


"We did. He's in the living room and if you don't mind I would like to go back there.."

"Go go.."


I took my phone with me and went back to the living room. I'll check the messages thing later.

He watched the tv that was still turned on.

I went to sit beside him, in his arms, like two minutes ago.

"What time is it?" I got up from him

He looked at his phone "5"

"Then enough with the tv. Wanna do something else?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"I'll give you a tour" I took his wrist and led him to my dad's room

"That, is my dad's bedroom" I closed the door and moved to the next one. "This, is the first bathroom" I closed this door as well, and moved to the one after it. "Last one is my sister's bedroom" I opened the door "very girly as you can see" then I closed it. After that I led him to the kitchen "here I spend half of my time, dad cooks great trust me"

He started laughing. I guess because he noticed the pizza trays.

The I took him upstairs. "Now this.. This is my very own floor." I pointed at the bathroom "this is the bathroom, looks the same like downstairs, just a bit smaller. And this.." I opened my bedroom door "this is my bedroom."

He walked in and closed the door after him. I set on my bed and watched him checking it out..

He set beside me "It's cute."

I hate that word.

"So what do you want to do?"

I looked at him and noticed that his curls are on his eyes again. It bothers me to think the hair gets into his eyes so I like to stroke them back.

My eyes met his. My hand moved from his hair to his cheek, I kept rubbing it till I made a smile appear that showed his beautiful dimples, then I moved my fingers on his bottom lip. He started to get closer to my face, and whispered to my ear. "Lye down baby."

I didn't think about what's going to happen after it, I just did it.

I laid on my back and he went to lock my door.

I'll lie if I say it didn't scare me, but I also knew that if I won't like it, we can stop.

He climbed on top of me, looked into my eyes. We're inches apart from each other, and all I'm thinking is how would his lips taste this time.

"Kiss me" I bit my bottom lip

He gave me one of his tiny smiles, stroked my hair backwards, then moved his fingers on my cheek.. He started to get closer, laid his lips gently on mine, and kissed me passionately. While we kissed I played with his hair and he cupped my cheeks, I could feel him smiling during it. We stared to slow down, he moved to my neck, which gave me goosebumps, and then down even more. He looked at me to get a permission to take my shirt off, I just nodded. He lifted it up and I took it off completely. He continued with the kisses and moved to the area where the cleavage is, then passed the breasts and moved down to my stomach. He looked up at me again, referring to the jeans, I nodded. He unbuttoned them and slide them away from my body. Then he went all the way up to kiss me again, I cupped his cheeks and he smiled again. He set on his knees, still on top of me, took his hoody off and the shirt that was under it, and threw them both on the floor. Then came back to my lips again. "Are you scared?"


"Can I?" He asked, referring to my underwear

I nodded again.

He took them off, and in some point my bra was off as well.

He came back to kiss me again. It's like his way to check if I'm okay with his actions. We kissed and I took his belt off, unbuttoned his jeans, and took them off as well. Then he took his boxers off, himself.

"Feeling okay?"

I nodded.

He gave me a long kiss, that during it, my first time happened.

My first amazing time happened.

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