It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


28. Math is important

Zoe's POV ;

We had dinner and dad took Alice again to her ballet class. He likes to stay there with her till she's finished so I have the house for myself till they're back.

Didn't feel like watching tv or anything else.. I didn't want to think of him. Emma's conversation about love and everything did cheered me up but I'm still having this feeling something's wrong.. It's like if we meet again and everything will be back to okay, I'll say something stupid again, and this 'after fight' feeling will be back before I notice. I just hate feeling like this. I hate to carry with me the feeling I'm letting him down. I hate being the one who's responsible about it. I hate thinking too much.

I laid on the couch and closed my eyes, I tried to think about other things besides him, like my weekend with Emma and how much fun it'll be.. She's a good friend.

I ended up sleeping.

My phone kept ringing and I kept ignoring it, till I couldn't.

"What?!" I didn't even look at who I'm talking to

"Someone pissed you off.." It's Emma

"I was sleeping"

"Oh..yeah I don't care"

"What do you want"

"Let's start with 'hi Em thanks for calling' "

I yawned

"Listen my mom asks if we could have the sleepover with my cousin"

"Oh. How old is she?"

"It's a 'he' actually"

"You're bringing a boy to a sleepover.. Nice"

"It means there will be no polish"

"Tell him he can come!"

"It's just polish. Are you sure you're a girl?"

"Shut up"

"So the day after tomorrow.. 7ish?"


"Great. Go back to sleep.. I won't bother you"

"Bye Em" I hanged up

It was still pretty early.. Dad and Alice aren't even here yet. I have no idea why but I was so tired, I just felt extremely exhausted.. I went upstairs to do my things.. Gave up on a shower this time. Changed into pajama and then straight into bed.

The clock showed 5am. I woke up from the best dream ever.. Me and Ashton were in it. My first time being with him dream. He was so protective towards me, he let me lead and do things in my way, he kept asking me if I'm okay.. I miss him so much.

I went into the shower and prepared myself for school..

Em wakes every morning at 6am. She has this routine she does with make up and clothes.. She's a pretty girl.

I went downstairs, grabbed a chocolate bar, and made some coffee. I set on the couch and turned the tv on..

In the middle of my seconds episode Alice walked in.

"Morning" she set next to me

"Morning" I paused it "how was the ballet class?"

"Nice. We learned some new moves and it went pretty great."

"What about the accident you had? People are still laughing?"

"No.." She checked me out "what's that?" She lifted my wrist up, referring to the bracelet

"A bracelet"

"From where?" She kept playing with it

"A store"

"What store?"

"Of bracelets"

"Stop hiding things from me"

"It's from Ashton but shhhh" I looked at dad's room door

"Why haven't you told me about this earlier?! It's pretty.."

"Yeah.." I played with it a little bit too and thoughts passed by..

"Zoey? Zoey?" She shook me gently


"You've been staring at this for minutes.. What happened?"

"Nothing nothimg.. You should go get dressed" I got up and took the cup with me

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah I'm fine. Go."

Alice already left for school and dad's sitting with his newspaper, a cookie, and a cup of coffee. I'm still watching tv.

"So when are you leaving tomorrow?"

"Five I think"

"And when you'll be back?"

"Are you planning a party? Cause I would know if there were boys in here.."

"Relax. Em is coming over with her cousin to a sleepover"

"Sunday afternoon I guess. Alice told me she's having a sleepover too"

"What?! In here?!"

"I think.. Yeah"

"But I'm.."

"Don't fight with her. The house is big enough for both of you. Besides, you have your own floor. Today we're going to buy some nice stuffs.. You won't get bored don't worry."

"Why are you so scared I'll hang out with boys?"

"You're young"

"Love has no age"

He started laughing

"I'm serious dad"

"He took my wrist and led me to sit on a chair that faced the one he's sitting on "do you have something to tell me?"

"No.." I lied

"Well.. Let's see.. What do you know about love then?"

"It's.. It's something beautiful. It makes you fell worth something. It makes you feel wanted. Trusted by someone.. It's.." I'm talking to my dad. Why am I talking to my dad like this "it's nice."

"Are you sure you don't want to tell me something? I won't be mad.."

He's lying. He'll lock me in my room and won't let anything get into it, just food and water. I'm not telling him."

"I'm sure"

"Then what's that?" He pointed at my wrist

Oh god. Please make me survive this. "Emma gave it to me. See?" I showed him the letters " 'Z' it's for Zoey and 'A' it's for Emma"

"Emma is written with an 'E' "

"Tell that to the person who made it. He didn't want to give her the money back so she took it anyways"

"It's nice"

"Thanks" nice one Zoey

"Take this" he handed me the car keys "wait for me in the car"

I took it from him, grabbed my bagpack, and went out.

While I was waiting I turned the radio on, switched to my favorite station.. Starting the morning with a little bit of a greenday and some all time low..

"Bye sweetie. Have a great day" he kissed my forehead

"You too. Bye"

Em was a bit late today so I didn't meet her by the lockers like always. She made it into the class before the teacher fully closed the door.

She sits next to me in every single class we have so we like to make notes to each other during it.. Sometimes funny ones.. Sometimes mean ones.. Mostly funny.

I wrote down one "woke up late?"

She did too "had a fight with my mom"

"What happened?"

"Something stupid.."

"Tell me"

"Kevin is coming back from college on the weekend and she wants me to stay home with my cousin"

"Hold on, who's Kevin?"

"My older brother. You haven't met him"

"Stay home"

"I can't. We're having the sleepover thing"

"It's fine. I'm okay with this"

"I'm not. I'm coming"

"Could you stop?! Just stay home. Don't make your her angry"

"She'll deal with it.. What about Ashton?"

"Miss Miller. Would you like to stand up and tell us what you and miss Adams were talking about?" Mr white said. Our math teacher.

"I was just asking her if she understood the way you did it on the board.. I learned a way that is quite different than yours"

"Oh you did? Why won't you show us then." He singed her to get up to the board

"I already forgot it.."

Everyone started laughing

"Silence. Are you questioning my teaching methods?"

"No I'm just suck at math"

"It doesn't mean you can disturb miss Adams"

Then I felt bad that she's the one who's being lectured.. I'm the one who started this notes thing.

"I started this" I stopped her from continuing

"Zoe.." She held my arm

I took my arm back "I started this. I wrote her a note, she wrote back.."

"You understand that it can't happen again?"

"It won't."

"Math. Math is important." He started walking in circles like he's some kind of Shakespeare "it challenges you, it makes you feel good.."

"He's living in a cave" she whispered me

I held myself from laughing so he won't lecture us again..

School's over.

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