It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


19. Heart Attack

Ashton's POV ;

She's laying on me, playing with my wrists.. She's still thinking about the scars..I play with her hair from time to time. To be honest that's all I need in a relationship, just to have that person you can do nothing with and it'll look like you've done enough.

Zoe's POV ;

What should I give him back? He plays with me hair.. Stroking my cheek.. Things I like. He never asked me to do something for him. Well yeah besides 'kiss me' but he never pushed me to.

I turned over and set on his belly "what do you like?" I rested my palms on his chest

"Like as a..?"

I moved his curls off his face gently "I like the cheek thing.. What about you?"

He grabbed my waists "I don't have a favourite thing"

"What?! You liar"

"I can't tell you"

"Why not?"

"You're not in the right age"

"Don't be arrogant"

"I'm not arrogant" he got up so now we both sit on the couch "I'm just.. I don't want to push you"

The only thing I was afraid of. Sex.

"Do you..are there a...and I'm like..."

"See?" He smiled "that's why"

"I'm fine.."

"No you not! Zoey you're 15.. I'm not expecting you to do things you're not supposed to"

"Are you mad?" I looked down to my thighs

"No. I'm not stupid, I knew what I'm doing when I found out you're 15.. I chose this way anyways. I think you're special" he moved my hair off my face

I jumped over him and hugged him. He fell on his back, and me facing him. My face from his, inches apart, I moved his blonde curls off his face again, looked into his beautiful eyes. "You make me happy Ashton"

He smiled and kissed me, and I was more than happy to do the same. He protects me.

We were kissing and * lost in stereo lost in stereo *

"Don't answer" he kept kissing me

"What if it's important.. Hold on"

I got up and fixed myself a bit. "Hello?"

"Zoe it's Alice. I think you should come home"

"Wait aren't you at a sleepover?"

"Dad had a heart attack. I came back quickly. Can you come?" Her voice was shaking

"On my way" I hanged up

"Ashton I.. My dad had a heart attack" I was shaking

"Grab your jacket" he got up really quickly and put on his shoes.

I couldn't process it. I didn't cry, I didn't panic. And then, in the car, I started crying.

"Hey everything's okay"

"You don't know that!" I wiped some tears

"Trust me. He's fine. We're there in five"

"I'm the worst kid ever. Instead of supporting him and be there for him, I'm going out with boys.."

"You couldn't know something like that might happen"

"I wasn't there also"

"You're a teenager Zoey. That's what you're supposed to do, go out."

"He thinks I'm with Em, he thinks I respect him."

"You have your own reasons why you keep us as a secret, and we'll talk about them later. Just try to calm."

I can't freaking calm. My dad just had a heart attack and the responsible grownup that's there with him is a 12 year old girl. So I can't freaking calm.

"Can you.."

"I won't drop you by your house don't worry" he didn't let me finish

He stopped

"Thanks. I'll text you." I gave him a kiss on the cheek quickly and he left.

I walked as fast as I could.

I'm standing there. He's laying on the couch, Alice's sitting on the floor beside him, taking care of him, and I'm just fooling around with boys..

"What happened???" I ran to them

"Great you're here. The doctor was here, I told him about our story, how we moved, dad's excitement, stress at work.. Anyways he said that dad needs to rest for at least two weeks. He can't go out, so me and you will do shopping and other chores.."

"How is he?" I stroked his cheek

"Better.. He just needs to rest. The doctor gave him some sleeping pills before he left.."

"Is he mad at me?"

"Why would he?"

"I was with.." For a moment I thought about telling her I was with ashton, that moment passed "Emma"

"You didn't know that something like that could happen"

Just like Ashton told me

"And me neither" she continued "let's just take care of him. He went trough a lot"

"When will he wake up?"

"The doctor said tomorrow morning.. Go get some rest"

"Can you handle with him alone?"

"I'm just watching him" she laughed "he doesn't do a lot you know.."

"I'm going upstairs then"

She waved at me.

I closed my door and texted Ashton.

"He's fine thank god. There was a doctor checking him before I arrived and he talked to my sister.. He have him some sleeping pills so he won't be up for the next few hours. Thanks for today, and sorry it had to end like this. I miss you"

Five minutes later he texted back

"Im so happy to hear he's fine. Don't doubt on calling me if something happens, you know I'm always here for you. Miss you too baby"

I wore a pajama and went downstairs to check on him again before I'm going to sleep. Poor thing.

He sleeps like an angel. I poured myself a glass of water and took it with me upstairs.

I'm laying on my bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking about so many things..

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