It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


8. Flight 707

Zoe's POV

Everyone was asleep (as usuall) and I woke up to make breakfast, the fridge was empty and then I realized that today is the day.

Dad packed all of his clothes and threw the food away. He's going to rent our house so he leaves the furniture where they are and take our personal stuffs only.

I still can't believe this is my last day in here. Although I never got to know mom, I feel sad that I'm leaving the place she lived in.

I just made coffee and set in front of the tv as usual. Dad woke up about an hour after I did and kissed me on the forehead. As I said at the beginning, my dad and I are very close..he had to take over the mom part for me and my sister, so he's like both.

Anyways, I went changing and then waking up Alice cause she had to be prepared to go half an hour ago..

"Morning sister"

"What time is it?" She rubber her sleepy eyes

"Time for you to get the hell out of this bed, we have to leave in like 20 minutes"

"I'm up I'm up"

I went changing, at first I grabbed my black skinny jeans as usual, my greenday shirt, a cream colour beanie I liked cause my hair was a total mess and we had no time, and my black vans.

20 minutes later we were all by the front door, looking deeply at the memories we made there, the memories mom made there. Dad looked a bit sad but that appearance changed in 5 seconds when he realized we're leaving for something better and that mom would be happy for us.

Before I notice, we were at the airport. Dad did all the arrangements so I didn't know what to look for.

"Dad what's the number of our flight?" I asked

*flight 707 last call to catch your seats*

Dad pointed up and smiled. "Heard the lady Zoe? That's us" he smiled.

We got on the plane, 3 in one row. Me by the window, and dad between me and Alice, hugging us both with the biggest smile I've ever seen on his face.

The pilot said that it's a 10 hours flight so I just closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

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