It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


42. First Day

Zoe's POV;

I didn't know he'll be here too. If I did, I would think twice before attending to it. Maybe another CD store..

He walked down the stairs, not noticing I'm there.

And then..

"Michael, meet Zoey." Robert said "you'll be working with her."

"Umm.." I walked closer to his desk "we.. Kinda know each other already."

"Okay.. So it'll be less embarrassing

than I though." He turned to face Michael that has stood behind him "show her around? Tell her what needs to be done." He started walking away, and then stopped "oh and.. No kissing at work." He finished with a tiny smile and walked away.

I also noticed Michael rolled his eyes to it. Like he knew Robert for a long time, he kinda disrespected him. Like you do with your parents.

Michael put the CD's he held on the desk and started organizing it by genres if I understood correctly.

It was an embarrassing silence. I was still mad at him. What am I supposed to say? 'Hey, so.. Let's start?' Or 'hey. Didn't know you work here.. I wouldn't have come if I knew..' I can't talk to him without knowing what he thinks about me after the impression I left.

"So you just ordering it buy it's genre?"

"Yes." He didn't look at me and continued with it

"Can I help?"

"There's a pile behind you." He tilted his head and moved aside to point.

I turned around to see what it is.

"Take it and place it by the names you have over there." He pointed on another spot in the store.


It was hard. I didn't find the places where I needed to place the CD's.. I mixed some bands with solo artists.. I made a total mess.

"Hey can you come for a second and help me? I think I messed up everything." I gave him a tiny smile to show I'm leaving work out of this.

He didn't say anything. Just walked towards the pop section I was in.

He took the pile I had in my hands and started "it's very easy, Demi?" He looked at me to see I'm following and showed the cover of the CD "you look at the artist's name and then the album's name, which means.." He roamed his index finger on the already placed CD's "5th from the bottom. Got it?"

"Yeah. Thanks."

"Once you're done, there's more." He pointed aside and smiled arrogantly.


Once I've finished ordering the pile I already had, I noticed that Michael was listening to songs from his iPod. Now tell me, where's the rule that says 'new workers are doing all the job while the others just doing nothing.'

I walked towards him and took one earphone out, which made him panic a little.

"The fuck. You scared me."

"Why? Because you thought I'm Robert?"

"No.. He left for today. I'm closing."


"And what is it that you wanted?"

"The pile there?" I leaned on the desk and pointed at the CD's "it won't organize itself."

"I know. You're here."

"Slow down." I took the other earphone out "stop acting mean. The coffee thing is over."

"Oh.." He chuckled "you think I'm upset? About you?"

"I didn't say this."

"Just go do the CD's.." He put the earphones back in his ears and scrolled for another song I guess

I took the iPod out of his hand and unplugged the earphones from it "would you stop?! Can't you have a conversation like a normal person?"

"No." He took the useless earphones out from his ears "look, if it's going to be like this all the time, I don't want to be here."

"Then talk like a man and stop playing ."

"Okay. What?"

"Can we put this conversation behind? I didn't mean to react this way the other day. I'm pretty sensitive when it comes to people getting involved in my personal life."

"It's fine." He sighed "You're right... I shouldn't have get into this. She doesn't even know I did by the way. I thought it would be nice that's all."

"Thanks. For umm.. Worrying."

He just smiled.

He doesn't show his smile much, but when he does, it's cute.

I smiled back

"When's the break?"

"Actually, you can go home. I think that's enough for today."

"Oh. Okay then." I looked at the store to see of there's any clients left. Although almost nobody got in here today.

I texted dad to come pick me up. It was already dark outside and I didn't plan on walking all by myself.

"Hey you need a ride?" He picked up his stuffs from the table

"No I'm good." I opened the door to get out and wait for dad outside

"You sure?" He locked the store door after him

"Yeah he'll be here any second."

"See you tomorrow."


On the ride back home I told dad how much I love to work there, and as hard as it is to stand on your feet for a pretty long time, it's fun. We get to pick our own playlist and play it in the store's speakers, which means I get to listen to my favorite music almost all the time.


You know when you get to your class, all stressful about the upcoming test, sleepy cause three hours is all you slept last night, worried. I hate that feeling.

When I got home last night I took a shower and laid on my bed, watching a movie. At about midnight time I remembered Ashton and how badly I wanted to see him, thinking why couldn't we meet. Because of my test, which I started studying to at 12 o'clock.

After I went out of the test I walked straight to the cafeteria, using the spare time I had by leaving it early.

Emma was there too. Playing with her spaghetti. She does it when she's bothered by something.

I knew what bothered her, but I just couldn't. I couldn't walk to her like nothing. Maybe that's my ego speaking or all I care about is myself, but I just couldn't.

I stopped for a minute, and just looked at her. Luckily she didn't notice me, cause I went to sit in another table since they were all cleared.


An unread text message from: Ashton

"Hey honey. How did the test go? If you want to hang out.. I'm free. :) text me."

To: Ashton

"It went awful. I'm not a school-material kind of girl I guess.. I think I'm free tonight. I'll check and text you later. Xo"

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