It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


22. Do you trust me?

Zoe's POV ;

He parked.

"I'm not getting out. You wanna talk? Do it here." I stared at the dashboard

"Stop reacting like a five year old girl Zoey.. I honestly.."

"What the hell are you talking about Ashton?" I didn't let him finish "I'm not your marionette, you can't control me. Every day for the past two weeks was a nightmare. I came back home after school to take care of my dad, to do things he couldn't, and when I finally got my rest you came with a statement I'm yours. After two weeks we haven't spoken. I'm not fucking yours."

He just stared at me for a while, trying to understand where did that come from. I honestly don't know either.

And then, he started driving.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm driving you home"

"Good" no! That's not what I want! I want us to work things out..

We didn't speak for the whole drive. When we arrived he parked a few blocks behind my house.

It took me a while to get out "sorry" and then this came out.

"Go Zoey. Just go"

I just said I'm sorry and he tells me to leave?! He's the one who should be sorry.

I went out of his car and walked home. When I walked into the house I slammed the front door and walked fast to my room. From what I've seen when I came in, nobody was home. I slammed my door as well and laid on my bed as my stomach faces it. Why does he make me feel like I'm the one who's wrong in this thing. He's being a dick and I'm the one who says sorry. Maybe I'm not ready for all of this. I'm 15 years old, I don't have to commit to anything. When I started thinking about us, tears dropped. I can't believe I'm crying over him..

Emma, I'll ask her to come. I need a friend more than anything right now..

I called her and she heard my voice was shaking so she didn't think twice and in 20 minutes she was already here.

I opened the front door and she jumped on me. "What happened???"

Then I remembered what I was upset about and tears started dropping again. "Ashton"

"Come here" she walked us to the couch "are they home?"

"Just us"

"Good so we can stay here." She meant the living room "Now explain to me carefully what happened." She stroked my hair

I ended up sitting there for like an hour or so, telling her everything, out kiss, dads heart attack, and why I'm upset.

Every time we talk I lay something big on her, and she ends up getting mad at me for 'telling her just now'

"What the fuck is wrong with you Zoe?! I still can't believe why I'm getting this news just now.. Seriously, a heart attack.. Couldn't you tell me at school?! I could help! We could do shopping together.. We could make these two weeks fun."

"I'm sorry I'm just"

"I'm so mad at you! You're my best friend..what is the matter with you?" She didn't let me finish

I called her to cheer my up. I'll end up crying again if she keeps yelling at me like that.

"Stop yelling at me" tears again "I didn't call you for that c'mon"

"Right, sorry" she hugged me "it's going to be okay don't worry

"Emma he hates me"

"I don't believe that. Did he say it?"

"No.. But.."

"Then he doesn't. He really cares about you."

"Em he told me to leave his car. He didn't want us to fix it this time"

"And again, you don't know that. He did what he think was right to do. You really want things to be okay right?


"Call him"


"Call him. Meet. And talk."

"No way. I'm not calling him."

"What the hell Zoe?! You just said you want to fix it.."

"I am but.."

"But what?! Call him already"

"Em he made me feel shitty. Like I'm the one who's fucked up in this.. Why should I crawl back?"

"Relationships are not about 'crawling back'. It's about two people that really care about each other. Yes, sometimes there are disagreements but these two people learn to work them out, so stop reacting like that and call him."

She knows so much and still, single.

She convinced me.. I grabbed my phone.

"It's dialing. What do I say?"

"Say you want to talk."

"Hello?" It's him

"Hi it's Zoey.. Can we talk?"

"When do I pick you up?"

"10 minutes" Em singed me

"10 minutes."

"See you then bye." He hanged up

"I don't feel good about this.."

"Oh stop.. Just talk. That's all you need." She got up

"Where are you going?"

"Home" she smiled

"But why"

"Cause your boyfriend's here in 10 minutes"

"He's not my boyfriend"

"Yeah okay. Next time you're calling me like that I need to see some boxes" she meant the shoes.

I laughed "bye Em. I love you" I hugged her

"Don't give him a hard time.." She left

He's here.

For the whole drive I looked at the view from my window, keeping my eyes away away from his.

"Can we talk now and you won't get mad?" I closed the front door after me

"Let me finish my sentence and then respond okay?" He walked to the couch


"Zoey I don't know where the idea of you being my marionette came from. You were right, you worked hard.. And I should've called, but I didn't. Do you know what I did while you took care of your dad? Do you think that I just set here, watching tv all day and didn't think on calling you at least once? Do you think that's the kind of guy I am?" I was still standing and he came closer "I worked"

"You worked?"

"I worked. I woke up at 5am and came back home late enough to keep myself from calling you" he took a red square box from his pocket "here. Enjoy" he handed me it

"What's that?" I held it like it's a grenade or something

"Open it"

A silver bracelet. It had 'Z' and 'A' charms on it. Simply beautiful.

"Ashton I.."

"When I called you, dinner was served, the bracelet was waiting to be opened, and you said no. That's why I was so mad. I worked very hard to get you something you don't even want or care about.."

"I don't deserve this" I handed it back to him

He took it from me, then out of the box. "Hand me your wrist" he wore it on my wrist

I took a look at it, and then at Ashton. "Thank you"

"You're welcome"

He went back to sit on the couch.

I wanted a kiss, and if not that, then a hug.. Wanted something from him that'll say 'I'm not mad anymore'

"Come here" he opened his arms

I went to sit next to him. It felt like the first time I walked to his house, when I was too shy to ask for something warm or to sit on my own without him to approve it to me. Like we're starting it all over again.

"Why are you so nervous?" He looked at me

"How d.."

"I'm hugging you.. Your heartbeat's too fast"

I got up from his arm "Why I don't feel open with you anymore?"

"You don't?"

"No.. I don't know what happened"

"Maybe if I.." He laid his palms on my cheeks and I closed my eyes, my favorite thing "do this..." He rubbed them with his thumb "and maybe if I'll just.." He tuck a piece of my hair behind my ear. He laid his soft lips on mines and we moved them in sync.

He definitely made me feel free again.

"Lay down baby" he whispered against my lips, never breaking the touch with them.

I did so.

He's on top of me, still cupping my cheeks, kissing me passionately. Then he took his palm off. A few seconds later I felt them on my waists, lifting my shirt.. "Ashton I.." I kept kissing him.

He backed off "Do you trust me?" And looked into my eyes.

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