It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


17. Clubbing

Zoe's POV ;

Friday morning and I felt happy cause it's freaking weekend. And yeah also because there's Ashton..he just makes me smile.

Dad drove me to school as usual and kissed me on the forehead.

By the lockers..Em.

"Haven't seen that ugly face in a long time now.." She took out some books

"Well hello to you too" I opened mine

"Just kidding you know I love you" she kept doing stuffs there

I didn't have something to say..

"Hey what are you doing this weekend?" She took out some notebooks as well

"I'm going on a date with my about you?"

"Cancel it"


"Cause you're going to the most popular club in Sydney" we stated walking towards the class

"No forget it. I hate clubs"

"Yeah but you love me..listen, you come, and I will let you invite that Ashton guy. Deal?"

"Deal" what?! Why am I never thinking before I speak?!

Schools over. Thank god. Dad's here to pick me up and I'm happy cause he has an air conditioner and I'm burning out here.

"Hey sweetie. How was your day?"

"Pretty good" I slammed the door

"Hey..easy with that. It's not you who has to pay if something happens." He referred to the car door

"Hey dad?"


"Emma invited me to go to a club tonight. Can I go?"

"No there's an alcohol in there. You're 15."

"They don't sell you unless you show an ID and I don't have one so you have nothing to be worry about.."

"What about boys? It's dangerous."

"What do you mean?" I knew what he meant

"Look Zoey, I've never talked about this with you cause I don't think it's my job to but I hope you know everything you have to know in your age about those things.. I think it'll be stupid to send you to a place full of drunk guys"

He talked about sex, he just didn't say the word. Well I have Ashton to keep me safe, but he doesn't know that.

"Emma's big sister is going with us. She's 20" why do I keep lying to him?!

"Oh" he looked at me and then back on the road

"So can I go?"

"She won't drink right?"

"I'll make sure she doesn't"

"You can go"

"Thank you dad!"

I texted Em he said yes and she said she'll be in my house at 9pm to pick me up to here's. From there Ashton will pick us. Fuck, Ashton. He doesn't even know about the plans..

I went up to my room and closed the door incase someone will hear. Although it's the second floor.

I dialed Ashton's number.

"Hello?" His accent kills me every single time.

"Hey how are you?"

"I'm good.. Missing you"

My hearts melting

"I miss you too..hey listen, my friend Emma, the one who yelled at you, invited me to go to a club tonight, and I want you to come. Will you?"

"But you're not allowed to drink an alcohol.."

"I won't. I'll just sit there I don't know.. She really wants me there"

"Umm yeah sure, I'll go. What time to pick you up?"

I don't even have to ask him to pick me up wow.

"Actually can you pick me up from another address? It's Emma's address."

"I will. Just tell me when" he laughed a bit. I wished to see some of his dimples right now



"Great! I'll text you the address later. Bye"


Everything works out the way I want and it just feels great.

At around 8pm I got out of the shower and looked for something to wear. Now, my closet is pretty much the most ungirly closet you've ever seen. After half an hour of looking I found a nice white top and a mint color high wasted skirt, then I wore my black knee boots..looked like a slut you could say.. It was better than skinny jeans and a band Tshirt though. I put on the laziest make up and dried my hair a bit so I won't get cold.

Em should be here any minute. I went downstairs and 4 eyes stated at me. Dad's and Alice's.

"Where do you think you're going wearing that exactly?" Dad pointed at me to go back upstairs and change.

"Dad it's or what I'm wearing right now, or some black skinny jeans and a greenday Tshirt. I'm not going to a club with a greenday Tshirt."

"You're not going like that either. What the f.."

"Bye dad. Emma's already waiting outside" I kissed him on the cheek and grabbed my black leather jacket on my way out.

I never did that, did whatever I want.. I'm growing up.

I didn't see what Em was wearing cause she was in the car but after her mom parked the car and we went out..

"Okay who's getting married?"

She wore a beautiful white, tight mini dress with some floral pattern on it, you would actually think she's a bride.. The veil was missing and she's done.

She laughed "'s okay for a club..right mom?"

"I got used to see her dressing up like that" mrs. miller said (her mom) "girls don't get into troubles.. Zoey I trust you to be the responsible one"

I laughed "I will"

Mrs miller waved at us and went inside the house.

"You look stunning Em"

"Well thank you. You look good too by the way"

"Okay stop trying to give compliments back"

"You really do! I wouldn't lie"

I looked like shit compared to her.

"Thank you" it couldn't be faker.

While we were waiting for Ashton to arrive I decided I will tell her a few things. Well actually more than a few. The phone drop, the hangout, me and him in his car, and the fact that my dad thinks her 'older sister' coming with us to the club.

She was shocked "how come you didn't tell me until now?!" She punched my shoulder. As I did to Alice.

"I don't know..maybe I couldn't find the right time" I ignored her punching

"Zoe I'm so glad he's okay..I mean, I thought it'd be stupid to date a 20 year old guy cause he has needs that you may find hard to fulfill at 15, and I didn't want you to do something you're not ready for. I'm just happy for you" she smiled

"Em you're a good friend" I hugged her

"Yeah I know.." She hugged be back and I laughed.

Ashton's here. He came out from his car to greet Em. It's his first time seeing her. What if he thinks she's prettier, smarter, funnier, and the he'll just dump me. I tried to keep it cool and not to say anything.. I just stayed by the sidewalk while she walked towards him, While she was walking she turned to me and moved her lips 'he's hot'. Great. Another reason for me to think she's better.

They shook hands and I saw smiling, she smiled, he smiled, I didn't.

"Hey Zoe! Come here" she yelled

I walked towards them

"Hey" I smiled to him. It was a fake one but I was happy to see him.

"Hey" dimples

The whole club thing was shit. I don't know why Em got all exited about it. She danced the whole time and I just set on the bar watching her, and ashton set beside me.

He leaned against my ear because the music was too loud "wanna come over?" I felt his warm breath which gave me goosebumps

"My dad.."

"What about him?"

I grabbed his wrist and lead him to the bathroom so we could actually hear each other.

"Ashton how old are you?" I crossed my hands

"I'm know that" he gave me one of his tiny smiles

"And how I am?"

"You're 15.. I don't.."

"What do you think my dad will do when he finds out his 15 year old daughter dates a 20 year old guy?" I didn't let him finish

"Oh so we're dating?" He came closer "are we..official?" Another step towards me.. My back hit the wall and I can't back off anymore. He bent a bit to make the hight differences smaller. His face against mine, inches apart.

"Don't change the subject" I pushed his chest

"Do you wanna come?"

"I do.. But my da.." He put his index finger on my lips. Shushing me.

"W'ell work it out."

Kiss me ashton. Kiss me right here, right now.

"I can't leave you two for five minutes.." Em appeared out of nowhere. Ashton's finger is still on my lips

He took it off.

"We didn't do anything" I said. She was about to respond "oh shut up" and I shushed her before she'll say something stupid.

"I came here to tell you we're leaving..but if you want to stay.." She laughed

"Let's go" I grabbed her arm

We arrived to the car, Em and me set next to each other.

"Hey listen. Can you cover for me tonight?" I whispered


"Please please please"

"Your dad will know that right?"

"That's why the cover is for"

"What do I tell him?"

I hugged her cause it means she agree

"Tell him 'your sister' forgot I was in the car as well so instead driving me back home she drove us to your house and went straight to bed.. I know it's lame but that's all I've got"

"Just hope he'll buy this"

Oh believe me..I'm hoping..

He dropped Em in her house and I switched places to sit next to him this time.


"What?" He looked at me and back on the road

"Can I still come?"

He smiled but kept looking on the road. He didn't say anything. Just drove.

He parked. And we went out of his car

"It's cold..are you okay?" He locked the car

"Yeah I'm fine..let's just get in" I was freezing.

Australia's so weird I swear.

We walked into his apartment.

I could spend my whole life in this apartment, just me and him.

"Want to drink something?" He threw his keys on the table

"No I'm good.." I closed the door after me

I went to sit on his couch. I felt free this time.

He joined me.

He rested his right elbow on the back of the couch, laying his head on his palm, looking at me.

I grabbed some magazines from the coffee table, avoiding his staring. I know he wants to start a conversation but every time we talk it ends in me backing off and then feeling stupid for doing it..I don't want to feel stupid again.

He took them away.


"What?" He repeated

"Why did you take them?"

"Okay look at me" he put them away

"I am"

"Promise me you won't say anything until I'm done."

"Okay now I'm scared. What is it?" What the hell did he do?!

"Close your eyes"

"Ashton I.."

"Trust me, close them"

I did.

I felt his palms on my cheeks, cupping them. Then he grabbed a piece of my hair and tuck it behind my ear, rubbed my lower lip with his thumb. I could feel him getting closer. And I couldn't resist. I think I wanted it more than he did. He laid his lips against mines, so warm, so soft. We moved them in sync.. I started laying back and he followed me, never breaking that kiss. I played with his hair and he suddenly backed off.

He looked into my eyes, inches apart from my mouth.

"Why did you stop?" I want those lips back

He laughed "I'm just.. I really like you"

"Kiss me"

He didn't think twice and immediately laid his lips against mines again. He turned over so now I'm the one who's at the top. I kept playing with his hair, enjoying every second my lips touch his. He backs off.

"Easy there tiger. I can't breath"

I laughed. Laughed a lot "it feels good"

"Hope I made your first one special" he smiled

I set on his belly, fixing my messy hair a bit. He stared at the ceiling.

"What's in your mind?" I rested my head on his chest


I felt his heartbeat getting faster "Ashton?"


"I like you too"

And just like that, we fell asleep in each other's arms.

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