It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


40. CD

Zoe's POV;

* lost in stereo lost in stereo *

I let the call ring till they gave up trying to reach me. Whoever it was.

Then Ashton's phone rang.

"Don't take it." I didn't stop kissing him

Then my phone rang again..

He got up and gave it to me so we won't be bothered anymore, with an annoyed look on his face.


"It's Michael. Are you with Ashton? He won't answer my calls and I have to tell him something important."

I gave it to him.

He looked a bit surprised but took it eventually.

In the meanwhile I put my bra back on and the dress as well.

"What did he want?"

"Band stuff.."

"He said it's important are you fucking kidding me?!"

He just gave me a 'did you just fucking swear?!' Look.

"It is."

"So why won't you tell me what is it?"

"Cause it's no big deal. There's a charity thing we had to preform at and it got canceled.."

"Are you disappointed?"

"Just a bit."

"You want me to get you something to drink?"

"No.. I'm good." He put his wine back on the coffee table and pulled me into a hug.

He played a movie and I felt sleepy so I let myself rest a bit and closed my eyes.

I ended up sleeping instead 'resting'.

"Zoey.. Wake up." He rubbed my cheek with the back of his fingers.

"What time is it?" I turned around to face the back of the couch cause the light from the tv blinded me

"Late enough. Put on your shoes, I'll take you home."


He giggled "okay rebel.."

I felt him lifting me up to get up himself. I heard walking around the house and keys being moved from one place to another.

After a few minutes he lifted me again. I kept my eyes closed and let myself keep resting in his arms. Not caring where we're going or what's happening.

"Zoey.. Wake up." He stroked my hair lightly

"What now.."

He just waited for me to open my eyes. Without adding more to it.

We were next to my house in his car.

I left the car without saying anything.

I heard him yelling my name to come over but I ignored it.

In the morning I woke up at 11. Missed school, still had my dress on, my makeup, barefoot, and with a horrible headache.

Dad didn't wake me up this morning, which is odd.

I washed myself and took the makeup off.

When I checked my phone there were a few unread text messages.

From: Ashton

"You funny when you're sleepy."

"I have your shoes by the way."

"You okay? Text me when you wake up."

From: dad

"You mumbled something about some Ashton guy during sleep when I tried to wake you up this morning.. I'll explain more when I get home. We have a talk."

To: Ashton

"Hey I've just woken up. What happened last night? I feel like someone stepped on my head."

I didn't reply to dad.

I went downstairs to make myself a toast and some coffee, and look for job interviews online. Dad will notice if I won't have an actual job.

I found this very nice job in a tiny cd store and applied an application.

I went upstairs to go over the material for tomorrow's exam. It was like reading the same sentence over and over, without realizing what it really means. I could 'study' like that for hours.

I got an email from the cd place to meet them tomorrow for a job interview.

I've literally spent all day trying to study for this stupid test without realizing it's already night time. Dad didn't even come up to my room to check on me, or have that ashton chat he wanted..

Lately he's been acting weird.. Like he doesn't push on being so involved in my life anymore. I mean.. I'm not complaining, it's actually more comfortable this way.. Ashton-wise, but it gives me the feeling that more he let go, the more I'll get punished if he finds out.

The clock showed midnight and Ashton still didn't reply to my text from this morning-noon.

To: Ashton

"Is everything okay? Text me. Xx"

I had pajama on all day so I didn't have to change or something.. I just went to bed with the phone placed next to my head, incase he'll text back and I won't hear it.

I fell into a deep sleep with Ashton and dad in my mind. Wondering how bad could it be to actually tell him about Ashton...

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