It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


43. Burn

Zoe's POV;

Work has almost finished.

"Hey do you wanna grab something to eat later? My treat." He played with his phone

"Yeah sure... Oh wait. I think I'm with Ashton tonight."


"Maybe tomorrow?"

"We don't work tomorrow." He chuckled "it's Saturday."

"Of course it is. I tested you.."

I took my handbag "see you on Monday?"


"Bye." I waved at him and walked out.

I dialed Ashton's number



"I missed your voice"

"Me too.."

"What's up with tonight then?"

"Actually, I know it's still early, but can you pick me up? Like.. Right now?"

"Um.. Yea.. I.. I think I'm.. I'll be there."

"If you can't, that's okay. We can meet up later."

"No no. It's fine. Just umm.. Give me a few minutes to get there. Where are you?"

"Do you know that small CD store? With the bar right next to it?"


"So I'm there."

"I'll be there in.. 15?"

"I'm waiting." I hung up


"Hey." I closed the car door after me

"Hey" he smiled

God only knows how much I missed that smile

"Why were you here?"

"I'll.. Explain later. So where are we going?"

"That's up to you this time."

"But I don't know the places in here like you do."

"Then choose from what we've been in so far."

"Your place."

"Really? That's boring."

"I'm a boring person then."

He sighed with a smile and started driving

I honestly missed it. Being in his arms on the couch, watching a stupid movie. Laughing.

I missed the way he touches me, missed his smell. I wanted to go to a place that reminded me of us both.

When we got to his place he walked straight to his bedroom and I went to sit on the couch.

"Zoey?" He yelled from the bedroom


"Can you come here for a second?"

I walked to his bedroom. The first time I actually see it.

His room was quite large.. On the right side he has a double size bed and a dresser beside it. A window above the dresser and white blinds covering it. His room is like the living room, off white painted. At the right side of the room he has a couch that looks like it fits for two at the most, a few magazines thrown on it, and that's basically it.

I let my eyes roam around his room, since it's my first time being in it, not realizing he was already shirtless, with sweatpants on him. (His pajama basically) and holding a medium size box decorated with a large red bow, with a smile.

"What's that?" I walked closer to him

He went to sit on his bed "your birthday present. I know it's late.. But I didn't find something.. Right for you."

"Can I open it?"

He singed me to open it.

I removed to bow from the top, with the ribbon around the box that helt it from opening, and opened it.

It had a black grey and white flannel in it. The same one I wanted from him the other day.

"Is that yours?" I made sure


I took it out from the box

"Do you like it?"


He smiled

"Okay turn around." I got up


"Just turn."

I took off my clothes and wore nothing but the flannel and my underwear underneath.

"Okay you can look."

He had this shocked look on his face with raised eyebrows kind of thing.

"Say something."

"Are you teasing me?"

"What?" I chuckled

"Yeah.. You just walk in with those legs and that smile, and then wear that flannel and.."

"What?" I stopped him "you just gave me the flannel."

"You look hot."

I covered my face from the redness that went on my cheeks there.

He grabbed me wrist and pulled me gently to him, to sit on his lap.

He moved a piece from my hair to behind the shoulder.

"So there's a bunch of things I thought we can do.." He continued with the hair thing "we can watch a movie, but you can't wear the flannel cause I've decided it's not the right clothing for it. Or.. That we can stay here, and have some fun, whilst I'm taking this thin thing off of you."

"and what activity does involve the flannel in it?"

"I haven't decided yet. But from your face, I can tell that you like the second option better." He smiled lightly

"And from your face, I can tell that you.."

He kissed me. Without any notice.

Quickly he was on top of me, lying, kissing.

"We should watch that movie though." I said in between

"It's boring I already watched it."


He cut the kissing "take it back." He played overdramatic

I giggled "L-I-A-R"

"You look very sexy."

For a minute we just stared in each other's eyes. Without adding words into it.

Until a text ring cut the moment. My text ring.

I crawled under him to get to my jeans pocket, which had laid on the floor.

1 unread text message from: Dad

"Hey where are you? I thought I'm picking you up today.."

Fuck. I didn't tell him I have plans.

To: Dad

"I'm at a friend's house. Sorry I forgot to tell you."

From: Dad

"Oh okay. Have fun darling."

To: Dad


I'm screwed. He does that again. He let go of being so uninterested in what I do and when, which makes it a lot harder to lie to him.

When I turned around Ashton stared at the ceiling with his palms supporting the back of his head, lying.

I didn't stop myself from crawling to his chest.

He wrapped one arm around me.

"Let's cook."


"Let's cool something. I'm hungry." I got up without waiting for his answer

I went to the kitchen and first thing I did was to look for a pan.

He set on one of the bar chairs and watched me.

"Where're your pans?"

He pointed at the bottom drawer.

I took out one and turned the hit on. Then poured a bit of oil in it, and continued with the rest of the recipe.

"Here let me help." He got up from noticing I kept moving my hair off of my face.

He walked behind me, lifted it gently, gave me tickles with it from brushing against my skin. I cleaned one of my hands with a paper towel and reached him my wrist which had the rubber band on it. He put it into a bun. Then, ran the back of his fingers from my neck to my bare shoulder from the oversized flannel.

The motion of me cooking became slower.

I let myself close my eyes and enjoy the way he touches me. To disconnect the world.

"Do you smell that?"


"The.." I sniffed "smell.. Don't you smell something.." I opened my eyes and turned around to face the burning pan. "Burn." I turned it off and put the pan in the sink, then poured water on it. "That's because you distracted me."

He just smiled.

"Why are you happy I've just damaged you a pan."

"It's cute seeing you like that."

Cute. Again.

"What's so cute about burning kitchen.." I rolled my eyes

"Cute seeing you panicked about something."

"Well.. you make the pancakes now."

"I can just order in if it's too complic.."

I squeezed his cheeks so he couldn't finish the sentence "make.them."

"Fine. Bossy."

I ignored it.

After we were done eating I got up to wash our plates and the rest of the dishes.

"Leave that.. I'll do it later."

"It's fine.. I like doing it."

"Well, that a lie." He chuckled

"What? I'm not lying." I looked at him and then turned back

"Who likes to do the dishes? It's weird."

"So now I'm boring and weird."

"Yup you are."

"So nice to get compliments from your boyfriend."

"I called you sexy, cute, and hot before."


"So I compliment you all the time."

"Yeah but it's because you're my boyfriend."


"So you obviously say that to make me feel better."

"Better for who?"


"You didn't feel good with your yourself before we met?"

"I don't know.. I had the same shit everybody has in their mind at this age. I still have."

"Like what?"

"You'll laugh I don't wanna say." I finally finished and wiped my wet hands. Then went to sit next to him like before.

"I was 16 too."

"Yeah but you grew up. Forget it."

"Tell me c'mon." He begged

"Umm.. It was like.. Staring at the mirror and telling yourself over and over how fat you are, or thinking a billion times before eating, umm, getting up early to do make up and hairstyles..get it now?"

He stared

"Ashton you're doing it again."

"Um." He blinked "what?"

"You stared."

"You keep surprising me.."

"How? I didn't do anything." I got up "let's go to the living room."

I took the remote and searched for a nice movie.

Friends has caught my attention so I let myself watch it.

"Calum really likes it." Ashton said

"It's my favorite." I added

Once the episode finished, I took a look at what Ashton was doing while I watched it. Staring. Again.

"Did you just.. Stared? For 20 minutes?"

"No. I'm not a creep. Just from the part he told her 'we were on a break' "

"Ashton that's the beginning."

He jumped on me, attacking with kisses.

I didn't resist it. It felt good actually. Just.. A bit surprising.

After a couple minutes of kissing passionately I felt his hand roaming down to my thigh, and slowly going up, under the flannel, making me smile.

"Did I mention you look sexy in my clothes?"

"Yes. Sycophant."

"Don't push my buttons."

"Or what?"

"Or I'll show you my bad side."

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